The causes of pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the highest fatality rate, to the many families brought great pain. The article is about the cause of pancreatic cancer because of the introduction, hoping to serve as a warning for everyone. Pancreatic cancer is very secretive, it is deeper because the location of pancreatic cancer, the symptoms are nonspecific,… Read More »

Early Symptoms of Uterine Cancer

High proportion of women cancer is cervical cancer. It is second only to the incidence of breast cancer is common in women over 35 years of age. Early cervical cancer, about 40% of patients without any symptoms, to a considerable extent the development of cancer is often after the onset of symptoms, these symptoms are… Read More »

Raw Vegetables and EHEC Risk

May 15, the German state of Lower Saxony, 83-year-old woman symptoms of severe intestinal bleeding and was rushed to hospital. 7 days later, she died in the hospital. No one expected, a severe outbreak of this kicked off. Just a few days, more than 1,000 patients in Germany show different levels of intestinal bleeding, ascites… Read More »

Does Masturbation Hurt The Body?

Masturbation involving the body’s most private parts hidden, so the choice of the time and place to ask is not is not the town. If young people the habit of masturbation, though not deliberately suppressed, can be regarded as a normal physiological process, but the frequency of masturbation to make themselves feel more “restless”, it… Read More »

Radiation is Threatening The Formation of Sperm

Electromagnetic radiation: long-term heavy exposure to electromagnetic waves, can sensitive male germ cell testis severely damaged, the occurrence of rupture of the nucleus and cytoplasm of rupture, resulting in impaired spermatogenesis, infertility. The thermal radiation: heat radiation also contributed to the decline in sperm quality an important factor and common cause of testicular heat sensitive,… Read More »

Sex before the age of 17 who started susceptible to cancer

Sex life the beginning of time, and is usually 17 years for the sector. A survey shows that having sex before the age of 17 and 17 years after the beginning of sexual life than women, cervical cancer incidence rates vary from 5 to 12 times. Female 17 years ago due to cervical epithelial cell… Read More »

How summer can not damage the health sex life?

Summer heat, gas consumption disability allowance, should be properly restrained in sexual matters, to refrain from playing the “war fatigue.” And sex is a violent activities, in the busy, sleep loss situation, blindly indulge their own desires, will further advance the body of energy, so that resistance to drop, increasing the possibility of infection of… Read More »

Why is a man addicted to adult websites?

Who is susceptible to poisoning symptoms  sex? “Sex poisoning” first appeared in the  United States. Susanna Cornell University  professor said the performances of sex  poisoning symptoms are: around looking for  sexual partners, masturbation, obsessed  with pornography, phone sex play. According to the U.S., “Protection of  Children and Family Alliance,” published data, the following types of… Read More »

Orgasm is Wonderful Way to Kill the Cold Virus

Click here for More Bacteria Cartoons>> It was found by a group of scientists, sex life both men and women would not only have a positive impact various body systems, but also enhance the immune system, can help the body away from the annoyance of various diseases. This was mainly due to white blood cells… Read More »

How to impress the opposite sex

If you want to get a woman’s good will and heart, please do not laugh too brilliant! Recently, published in the United States, “Fox News” a study that will help close to smile, though, but in gender relations, its role is more complex than people think. University of British Columbia, Canada Gender emotional scientist Jessica Tracy led… Read More »