Mother, by your beauty, such as old

By | September 16, 2011

Happy family may never know what the haze is, when the dark clouds enveloped the time, from people who do not experience sadness, perhaps only the loss of the panic. Even today, I still remember that time can feel a deep pain, when the family were busy Nama has suddenly become weak, we discovered, the backbone of the family, in a certain period of a One day, collapsed. My mother is great for the family to forget the self-woman, but she has suffered in the amulet of life: When my father to accept her mother for granted everything we do every day when she was sick in the room quietly the. Four years ago, her mother was diagnosed with left breast cancer, according to surgical treatment, her entire left breast was removed, the head doctor said, thanks to that Debu late to do radical surgery, life is unfortunately not affect the the great fortune. However, this is really fortunate it? Doctors removed, not just a flesh and blood, but also cut the mother as a woman proud of the most beautiful feature, which means that in the future every day, she can no longer stand erect and smiling under the sun, because she lost, lost forever beautiful breasts.   As the days went by, the mother to a stubborn belief in struggling to survive through a period of wound healing and pain during chemotherapy, in the meantime, the family’s mood is heavy, we laugh, but my mother has been forced smile because she knows she’s the backbone of the family, she must support the pain, hard to maintain the happiness of the family.   Days recuperating at home, the mother’s body recovered, but I know when she is alone in the face of incomplete piece where the heart is still difficult to heal wounds. Her father and I never show her face uncomfortable, but with a flat piece of sponge to try to make up places, but the sponge so light, even if the body is slightly move a bit, will not listen to “crawling” or even fall out of the bra, Every moment will pull it. In the summer, so that the inconvenience and embarrassment of pain is exacerbated by the mother irritable mood. Gradually, the mother is so reluctant as ever to go out the water and soil, and no longer buy food and chat with neighbors, sisters, mother; it seems more and more lonely.   The face of such a mother, I see in the eyes, anxious heart, how much I desire to alleviate the suffering of the mother to let her mother happy that ah! Therefore, I checked a lot of information in his spare time, then know that there are specially designed for the mastectomy breast, I found several online breast, breast implants and found that Sharonis a better word of mouth.   I decided to use their first salary after graduation for the mother to buy a Sharonbreast. I hit Sharon’s phone, customer service is very warm and very professional, she introduced me to Sharonbreast function, and I know the breast is a highly professional product you cannot just wear. Surgery for different situations have different models of breast, I am glad I chose Sharon breast, then Sharon customer service based on the actual situation of the mother recommended a FL4 left breast to me.   Remittances received after noon the next day breast, the mother said after very comfortable to wear. After that day to bring breast, according to her mirror again and again according to the complaint … I spend money mother mouth though, but I see that she really liked. Mother’s breast, bra that this is very appropriate, breast is very soft, very flexible, and the temperature can change with temperature, only breast into her treasure of a necessity, or even become her part of the body. With Sharonbreast, the mother is gradually restored the confidence of past, activity time out more, smile more and more. Sense Xie Xuelun breast to the mother self-confidence, a sense of Xie Xuelun breast to help the mother recover!   October, on the wedding anniversary of their parents, watching their loving as ever, see the low life out stronger after the mother, I can not help but want to use the text down his spiritual path, I want to dedicate this article My mother, also dedicated to the whole world is suffering the same misery of mothers, I said to them: “Every woman is bathed in fire in Phoenix, after suffering, the Nirvana will be reborn, to become more beautiful, more strong! ” wish the world well-being of all mothers, I hope all my friends are the greatest care for our mother!

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