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Different types of phlegm – coughing up white foamy phlegm

That thick, sticky and disgusting mucus, sometimes out of our throat, called “phlegm” and come in various colors; the color of phlegm is indicative of certain conditions. Phlegm is an aqueous gel or mocuso secreting goblet cells of the alveolar and airway epithelium, containing glycoproteins, antibodies, lipids and other substances. The climate, genetics and immune… Read More »

Typical treatment of esophageal cancer cases (a)

Typical cases of esophageal cancer treatment: Pakistan, aged 56, mainly due to "eating choking feeling 1 year, esophageal cancer after 10 months of nodules found in the neck 3 months, "admitted. Patients 1 year was choking when eating, gradually increased in the digestive tract angiography showed a local hospital lines occupying the upper esophagus, at… Read More »

Typical treatment of esophageal cancer cases (b)

Treatment of cases of esophageal cancer: a lady, aged 65, was diagnosed a year ago, esophageal cancer , esophageal cancer at a local hospital implementation of the resection, the chest cavity that the stomach, but also for radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but this did not stop the disease . May 2004, she cough, shortness of breath,… Read More »