Early Signs of Testicular Cancer 

Pain, swelling, discomfort in a testicle: many men are occasionally confronted with these signs. If they are not specific for cancer and may have other causes, what are the symptoms that should cause you to consult your doctor? SIGNS AT THE TESTICLE In the vast majority of cases, cancer is suspected by the discovery of a… Read More »

How to remove phlegm naturally

The accumulation of phlegm in the throat usually occurs when you have a flu, a cold or an allergy, because in these situations it is common for the throat to swell causing mucus to accumulate. Some natural and easy methods to help get this mucus out is by increasing your water intake to fluidize the secretions… Read More »

4 types of Nebulizations for Sinusitis

Nebulizations are a great home treatment for sinusitis, whether acute or chronic, dry or with secretion, as it helps to humidify the airways and fluidify secretions, clearing the airways, thus facilitating breathing. It should be done 2 to 3 times a day for approximately 15 to 20 minutes and preferably in the morning or before… Read More »

Symptoms of respiratory infection

The main symptoms of pulmonary infection are dry or phlegm cough, shortness of breath, rapid and superficial breathing, and high fever lasting more than 48 hours, only with the use of antipyretic medications.  Lung infection or respiratory infection occurs when microorganisms enter the body through the respiratory tract and remain in the lung, giving rise… Read More »

Know what the color of phlegm means

When the phlegm has some color or is very thick it can be a sign of allergy, sinusitis, pneumonia, some other infection in the respiratory tract or even cancer. Therefore, when the phlegm is not a transparent and almost liquid secretion, it may be important to consult a pulmonologist to start treatment as quickly as… Read More »

Little White Balls in the Throat! Tonsilolites

The tonsilloliths are calcifications that form in the crypts of the tonsil formed by calcium salts or in combination with other minerals and are usually of small size. Some tonsilloliths give the sensation of a foreign object in the throat. They can be a nuisance, but they are not, in general, dangerous. They are one of the causes of halitosis,… Read More »

Discover the causes of skin cancer progress

Know the causes and risk factors of skin cancer or melanoma and its relation to Parkinson’s   The research will allow the development of new drugs and therapies against melanoma The skin cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer around the world, which is why it is very important the discovery of Argentine researcher Diego Popler… Read More »


Is considered a loss all vaginal bleeding (spotting, or bloody) that occurs independent of the rule and can be irregular or prolonged. The medical term for this fact is to “menorrhagia” and popularly as many names example of “spotting between periods” or “bleeding between periods.” There are many causes that can cause vaginal discharge. In… Read More »


Contents Definition Diagnostic Classification Clinic Anemia Consultation Definition The anemia is a decrease in the concentration of hemoglobin in blood. This parameter is not fixed but depends on several factors such as age, sex and special circumstances such as pregnancy. Diagnostic Criteria According to WHO accepted that there is anemia when the hemoglobin concentration in… Read More »

Epigenomic changes play an important role during the progression of melanoma

Human DNA contains genetic information that makes our cells functional entities within a larger whole. The stream of information from DNA to function happens in the form of proteins that anchor themselves to various locations in the DNA and transcribe genetic information into functional cell parts. This process is strictly regulated and is thus very sensitive to change by external factors…