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Breast Self-Exam: Create the Habit!

The simple fact of being women makes us more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in our lives. In fact, recent studies show that approximately 12% of women will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer at some point in their lives. (1) But do not be frightened! This does not imply that it has to… Read More »

Menstruation: A Health Indicator

Menstruation is a symbol of femininity and of life. And also a health indicator! Maybe when the rule comes, the only message you read is that you are not pregnant, but menstruation can give you much more information about your health. There are different anomalies that can be an indicator of weight problems, defenses, hormonal imbalances …… Read More »

New function in B-wom: Breast self-examination

SELF-EXAMINATION OR BREAST SELF-EXAMINATION IS KEY TO THE EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF BREAST CANCER Breast cancer is the main cancer in women. It is estimated that 1 in 8 women will suffer this cancer at some point in their lives. But the good news is that it is also one of the few that can be diagnosed early,… Read More »

5 Ghosts of Women’s Health (Halloween Special)

If the theme of Halloween is fear, women have a bunch of ghosts that will appear in our lives causing chills. They are simply issues that concern us, and that often by not talking about them become myths. This is our selection of ghosts of female health. Knowledge is the best weapon to lose fear! MENSTRUATION (AND ITS ABSENCE) Unfortunately… Read More »

HYGGE: the happiness of small pleasures

Have you heard about the Hygge? Hygge is a concept originally from Denmark, which means something like creating moments and welcoming spaces and wellbeing. It has been the word of the year in United Kingdom 2016 and is a lifestyle trend for happiness and well-being. What does hygge mean ? It does not have a translation. It is used to describe a moment… Read More »

How does menopause affect sleep?

Sleep well at night becomes increasingly difficult as we get older, but in women, in addition, menopause especially influences, causing insomnia and other disorder. A 2016 study published in the Chinese Medical Journal found that approximately 55% of women in menopause experience serious sleep problems, as well as a higher prevalence of sleep disorders such as sleep… Read More »

Early Signs of Testicular Cancer 

Pain, swelling, discomfort in a testicle: many men are occasionally confronted with these signs. If they are not specific for cancer and may have other causes, what are the symptoms that should cause you to consult your doctor? SIGNS AT THE TESTICLE In the vast majority of cases, cancer is suspected by the discovery of a… Read More »

How to remove phlegm naturally

The accumulation of phlegm in the throat usually occurs when you have a flu, a cold or an allergy, because in these situations it is common for the throat to swell causing mucus to accumulate. Some natural and easy methods to help get this mucus out is by increasing your water intake to fluidize the secretions… Read More »

Discover the causes of skin cancer progress

Know the causes and risk factors of skin cancer or melanoma and its relation to Parkinson’s   The research will allow the development of new drugs and therapies against melanoma The skin cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer around the world, which is why it is very important the discovery of Argentine researcher Diego Popler… Read More »

Epigenomic changes play an important role during the progression of melanoma

Human DNA contains genetic information that makes our cells functional entities within a larger whole. The stream of information from DNA to function happens in the form of proteins that anchor themselves to various locations in the DNA and transcribe genetic information into functional cell parts. This process is strictly regulated and is thus very sensitive to change by external factors…