HYGGE: the happiness of small pleasures

By | November 21, 2018

Have you heard about the Hygge? Hygge is a concept originally from Denmark, which means something like creating moments and welcoming spaces and wellbeing. It has been the word of the year in United Kingdom 2016 and is a lifestyle trend for happiness and well-being.

What does hygge mean It does not have a translation. It is used to describe a moment or a feeling of something cozy, comfortable, intimate and special. “Hygge is being in a situation where you feel comfortable, relaxed and free,” says Verne Mikkel. 

The most classic Hygge image for Danes would be “to sit on the sofa in front of the fireplace, on a snowy night, with a woolen sweater knitted by our grandmother, drinking a cup of coffee, while we read a novel or watch a movie and at our feet the family pet lies down. “

But the Hygge is much more, it’s an attitude. The attitude of enjoying the little things, contemplating the daily pleasures of life. The hygge can be found anywhere, both alone and with friends, outside or inside the home, doing something ordinary or extraordinary. It may be lighting a candle, a chat with friends, a swim in the sea, listening to your favorite song …

As you see, it is not necessary to change your lifestyle to live hygge, if not the way to focus and see things. Actually it is an art that is based on the practice of recognizing a good time . Be aware of when you feel good, comfortable, relaxed and well-being.

Tips to practice hygge

  1. Make time for yourself. The hygge is not only to recognize these good times, but to create them. And for this you need time. Plan your work and your time to find these moments of comfort and well-being, either alone or in company.
  2. Take care of the environment The environment has to be of your liking. To do this, take care of the lighting, the music … You can put incense, a candle or put on comfortable clothes. Prepare your moment to make it cozy and special for you.
  3. Hygge in company. Open your house to your friends or family. A dinner, a movie, a conversation or board games.
  4. Take advantage of bad weather! The days of rain or cold days tend to be the least liked. Take advantage of them to create moments of small pleasures at home. Stay in bed on Sunday with a book and a coffee, cuddle on the couch alone or in company …

The hygge can be a simple tool to discover a happier life, without having to change much. We love it because it seems obvious to us that we may not have the power to change some things in our environment, but the way we live them and how they affect us. Practicing hygge is self-care of your health!

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