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Should pay attention to the nasal cavity cancer surgery

1. Nasal cancer before surgery should pay attention to: attention to rest, to prevent a cold, so as not to delay the operation time. smoking, alcohol and tea and other spicy foods to avoid intraoperative cough, affecting the operation smoothly. nasal cancer nasal surgery is generally taken to stalk membrane surface anesthesia (local anesthesia), special… Read More »

How to do escort work after surgery

Currently, many hospitals have not yet set up anesthesia recovery room, there are still many needs of family members accompanying the patient after surgery and care. Patients to return to wards, many families on their expression of pain, weakness of the body and the body more than intubation, feel helpless, restless. In fact, the right… Read More »

Leakage caused by chemotherapy treatment for skin damage

Skin damage caused by leakage of chemotherapy treatment is necessary. 1) local injection of steroid preparations: After the leakage of anticancer drugs is now a good method of choice. On the mechanism of action of steroids is not clear in many areas, there are different usage. Leakage immediately after the steroid hydrocortisone preparations 100_200mg. Procaine… Read More »

Chinese control of chemotherapy toxicity – single herb

Chinese control of chemotherapy side effects medicine: single herb research in the treatment of chemotherapy many side effects, researchers single herb raise blood and regulate the immune function an important role, based on clinical experience and experimental research, in the protection of red blood cells, white blood cells, three different platelet blood cells, the role… Read More »

Prevention and treatment of chemotherapy side effects

Prevention and treatment of chemotherapy side effects of Chinese medicine: the traditional prescription of bone marrow suppression in the treatment of chemotherapy-induced side training in the traditional, more common in the qi, nourishing blood and yin tonic, helps the positive prescriptions, such as the Decoction, Liujunzi soup, Ba Zhen Tang , SDT soup. Followed by… Read More »

Chinese control of chemotherapy toxicity – Self prescription

Self prescription of toxicity of chemotherapy to the treatment of domestic-based self prescription, significantly more than the traditional single-prescription drugs and ignorant. Prescription mostly ginseng, sight, arrested worship son, angelica, etc. King and medicine, to righting the sub-section to protect the blood and immune function, and toxicity for the treatment of other small group parties.… Read More »

Pathological cause shortness of breath

Etiology and pathology of a shortness of breath. Blood-borne cancer, shortness of breath, the late severe anemia, transfusion reactions, methemoglobinemia, carbon monoxide poisoning and leukemia. Severe anemia, methemoglobinemia, or hyperlipidemia and other sulfide hemoglobin, oxygen-carrying red blood cells due to decreased blood oxygen content decreased with respiratory acceleration, while heart rate. Bleeding or shock, because… Read More »

Etiology and pathology of shortness of breath – Shortness of breath Pulmonary

Because respiratory disease caused by ventilation, ventilation dysfunction, leading to oxygen and carbon dioxide caused by AIDS to stay.Etiology and pathology of shortness of breath – Shortness of breath pulmonary: (1) causes of morbidity 1) upper respiratory tract: posterior pharyngeal wall version of swelling, swollen tonsils, throat foreign bodies, pulmonary edema, laryngeal cancer and so… Read More »

Constipation type – functional constipation

Functional constipation is due to abnormal gut motility cited. Most people fall under this category, functional constipation of the moment can be divided into simple constipation, flaccid constipation (colonic constipation), habitual constipation, constipation twin recover from illness.Constipation type – functional constipation 1) of the moment constipation: is due to travel and living environment such as… Read More »