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Type of constipation – organic constipation

Due to changes in the intestine caused by the organic form of constipation, functional constipation than the natural frequency of the low incidence, but more significant meaning as a disease. So as a diagnosis of constipation, the first thing to do the necessary checks. Organic will be divided into congenital and acquired regret.Type of constipation… Read More »

The general classification of diarrhea

The general classification of diarrhea from mild disease can be divided into acute and chronic diarrhea, acute diarrhea. From the cause, the diarrhea can be divided into infectious and non-infectious diarrhea. From the onset mechanism, can be divided into hyperosmolar diarrhea, secretory diarrhea, exudative diarrhea, malabsorption diarrhea, bowel movements of diarrhea. From the season, the… Read More »

Thin anastomotic causes and preventive measures

Repeated occurrence of anastomotic main reasons for anastomotic healing is a direct impact on several factors, followed by secondary infection, anastomotic edema due to inflammation, poor healing, which lean more appeared later. A direct impact on anastomotic healing for the following reasons.The incidence of anastomotic thin and prevention of anastomotic Department a. poor blood supply.… Read More »

External irradiation and complications of esophageal

Radiation reactions and complications of esophageal (a) response to external irradiation Esophageal exposure to systemic reactions are mild, such as loss of appetite, fatigue, decreased blood and so on, generally do not deal with. 1. Esophageal reaction Exposure to 1 – 2 weeks, tumor volume of 10 – 20Gy, esophageal mucosal congestion and edema, dysphagia… Read More »

Esophageal cancer chemotherapy Notes Lomustine

Lomustine chemotherapy esophageal Notes: Notes Lomustine (1) The drug has gastrointestinal reactions, can be pre-served sedatives, antiemetics, or at bedtime can prevent vomiting. Notes Lomustine (2) the patient should be fasting medication, medication that day can not drink. (3) liver dysfunction disabled.Notes Lomustine (4) a white blood cell count less than 4X109 / L, platelet… Read More »

How to control the transfer and proliferation of malignant tumor

Transfer and spread of malignant tumors is one of the biological characteristics of malignant tumors, its occurrence, so that cancer patients often lose the opportunity to cure the patient received greater pain, are often the cause of death of malignancy. Therefore, prevention of tumor metastasis and proliferation of great significance to the prevention and treatment.… Read More »

Transfer and diffusion of primary liver cancer

Transfer and diffusion of primary liver cancer 1. Intrahepatic proliferation of cancer cells directly or sinus by sinusoidal space, direct spread to other parts of the liver, metastasis foci showed a satellite-like distribution, but also away from the primary cancer, this ways to transfer the first and most common; also may invade the portal vein… Read More »

Chemical carcinogens cause cancer easily

The incidence of cancer caused by many reasons, chemical carcinogens cause cancer is one of the easier one of the reasons, but chemical carcinogens is also a need to promote cancer cell growth period. Easy to chemical carcinogens cause cancer in the early stages can be divided into several processes: carcinogens into the body and… Read More »

The cause of prevention of malignant lymphoma

Since the exact cause of lymphoma is not clear, to take active preventive measures wonders there are certain difficulties. Clinically the cause according to the study of malignant lymphoma, appropriate for the prevention of high-risk groups, there may be blocking the delayed occurrence of the disease. Obtained complete remission after treatment for the patients given… Read More »