How to control the transfer and proliferation of malignant tumor

By | January 19, 2012

Transfer and spread of malignant tumors is one of the biological characteristics of malignant tumors, its occurrence, so that cancer patients often lose the opportunity to cure the patient received greater pain, are often the cause of death of malignancy. Therefore, prevention of tumor metastasis and proliferation of great significance to the prevention and treatment.
Malignant tumor and spread on a detailed mechanism for the transfer has not yet fully understand how to effectively prevent the transfer and diffusion, is still a difficult problem in oncology. But knowledge is not currently looking to prevent the transfer and spread of malignant tumors should note the following.
(1) As the cancer grows slowly in the early stages of the transfer and diffusion of rare, so early detection and prevention of early diagnosis is the best way to transfer and diffusion. Surgery for malignant tumors and tumor resection should be emphasized enough surrounding tissue to prevent the infiltration of tumor treatment. Radical surgery should be done all the tumor tissue, surrounding tissue, lymph node, etc. should be submitted pathology examination. Should be much more careful in the surgery to prevent surgical instruments, etc., causing iatrogenic seeding metastases. For some estimates of tumor metastasis may occur, should be supplemented by local or systemic chemotherapy.
(2) should be taken to remove some of the promotion of tumor metastasis and proliferation factors. The tumor has been found that could be mass, in particular has made clear the nature of its pathology are malignant, the tumor should be trying to avoid irritation. Do not often touch, but can not squeeze hard, nor on the mass to heat and physical therapy to prevent shedding of tumor cells to promote metastasis, that is, medical staff during the inspection operation is also to be gentle.
(3) As the tumor thrombus and tumor metastasis and proliferation are closely related, and thus can play to prevent blood coagulation, fibrinolysis to enhance the role of drugs and related measures, is also considered a preventive role in tumor metastasis and proliferation has been tested in preventing or reduce tumor metastasis.
(4) the transfer and proliferation of malignant tumor, more importantly, measures should be to strengthen the body's immunity, so that the body's immune surveillance system to play a normal role for anti-cancer initiative. Suppression of immune function will lead to tumor development and metastasis, and specific or non-specific immune stimulation often due to the increase of immunity and inhibit tumor growth, invasion and metastasis. Therefore, to improve immune function, not only remove at any time off from the tumor into the blood and lymph of the tumor cells, but also for the treatment of primary tumor lesions has an important role.

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