How to tertiary prevention of tumor

By | January 19, 2012

Prevention of malignant tumors can be divided into three levels of prevention: primary prevention measures is to identify, find out the cause and eliminate risk factors, improve the ability of the body against cancer, prevention; secondary prevention measures are pre-cancerous patients and screening cases of early cancer, so early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment, precautionary measures in the beginning; tumor tertiary prevention measures: is already suffering from cancer patients, improve the treatment rate, survival rate, recovery rate and quality of life and reduce complications to prevent disability and reduce pain caused by cancer.
(1) to achieve a primary means of prevention include:
Identify and eliminate carcinogens in the environment and risk factors; for anti-tumor vaccine; application chemopreventive agents; correct bad habits; improve food nutrition structure; strengthen health and improve cancer prevention capacity; the current problems in primary prevention is the leading cause of cancer is not clear in many: identification methods were not advanced enough cancer-causing agents; anti-tumor vaccines, and chemopreventive agents are still in research stage.
(2) to achieve two main methods of prevention include: extensive screening for cancer screening; monitoring the implementation of high-risk groups of tumors; improve early diagnostic capabilities; for precancerous patients as soon as possible cure. Secondary prevention of the current problems are: the implementation of monitoring and survey a large area of investment is relatively large; tumor subclinical shorter; screening method is not sensitive enough and so on.
(3) to achieve three main methods of prevention include: research and develop appropriate treatment programs; for comprehensive rehabilitation, nursing instruction; enhance function and physical exercise; reasonable arrangements for daily life and diet; three step analgesic. Secondary prevention of the current problem is a lack of clinically effective and side effects of treatment; significant differences between all levels of medical standards; formal and comprehensive rehabilitation guidance is not enough.
Tertiary prevention measures than the prevention of cancer tumors in three lines of defense. The first line of defense is that everyone expected. Reduce the opportunities for students to improve self-care ability of cancer. The second line of defense is to have developed into cancer patients to enable them to obtain early detection and timely treatment. The earlier the treatment, the greater the chance of cure. The third line of defense is to save labor and improve the survival rate of cancer patients quality of life. Three interrelated tasks are essential to prevent tumors constitute the whole picture.

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