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Blood clots? Menstruation?

My priblema menstruate is that when I have strong stitches and pains in the ovaries.And I get as blood clots (It’s like a “blood jelly” dark red, in plain language) of pretty size, about three inches. I wanted to know if it has to do with an abnormality, anyway I will visit the gynecologist, but is… Read More »

After almost a century, a question answered; genes protect themselves against being silenced

As explicated today in the journal Nature, methylation in fact enforces gene silencing, and it is levels of a newly identified form of RNA produced by individual genes that determines whether they are turned off by the addition of a methyl (CH3) group by the enzyme DNA methylase 1 (DNMT1). The study, led by HSCI Principal Faculty member Daniel Tenen, MD, found that during transcription of DNA to RNA, a gene produces a small amount of what the investigators named "extracoding RNA," which stays in the nucleus and binds to DNMT1, blocking its ability to methylate, or silence the gene. The discovery of RNA’s new function has therapeutic potential as an on-off switch for gene expression…

Brain tumor dissapeared suddenly

My mom had a tumor in her brain a few years ago and she was going to get surgery but all of the sudden it dissapeared. Now that years have passed, she has recently been getting migranes and she says sometimes she gets double vision. Can this mean the tumor is back? She’s getting it… Read More »

Help ME! What is Period!!!

Okay well, I am 13 and i have had my period since march 2010. And well, i had my last period on jan 10 for about 6 days. and now i have brown blood in my pants? im wondering what this could be? :S