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Lymphoma commonly used Chinese medicine

Lymphoma commonly used Chinese medicine (1) Syndrome commonly used herbs: diffusa, Sophora root, lobelia, night soil Ling, mother of pearl and so on. (2) commonly used in Chinese medicine syndrome Liushen "Dictionary of Chinese Medicine": by looking crisp, bezoar, Hong Hong, realgar, pearl powder, borneol and other components. Effectiveness of detoxification, swelling and pain. Treatment… Read More »

Anti-cancer drugs – Solidago

Anti-cancer drugs – Solidago, Compositae branch of the strains of the whole plant with yellow flowers. Mei Xin, bitter, cool; the liver and gallbladder. Detoxification, Shufeng swelling. Treating liver cancer, thyroid cancer, tongue cancer, laryngeal cancer; can be used for colds, headache, sore throat, yellow disease, sore swollen poison War, itching and other skin cancer.… Read More »

Anti-cancer medicine – Mahonia

Anti-cancer medicine – strains of Berberis Mahonia shrub of the South China Mahonia plant stems and leaves. Same plant broad-leaved and narrow-leaf Mahonia Mahonia also were medicinal. Bitter, cold; the lungs, liver. Yin, detoxification and swelling. Indications muzzle due to cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, malignant trophoblastic tumor; can be used for sore… Read More »

Anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine – a brother Wang

Anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine – the brother the king, the strains of the genus Thymelaeaceae Nanling Wu Wu took root and root bark of flowers. Ignorant of the bitter, acrid, cold, toxic; owned lung. Detoxification, and reducing swelling, Gui wet phlegm. Indications of malignant lymphoma, lung cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer; can be used for… Read More »

Anti-cancer medicine – Smilax glabra

Anti-cancer medicine – Smilax glabra, the strains of Lily perennial evergreen vine tubers Ling night soil. Sweet, light, flat; the liver and stomach. Detoxification swelling, dehumidification meridians. Attending the urinary system and digestive system neoplasms; can be used for hot shower urinary astringent pain, the burning pain in the boat and syphilis. l5 ~ 60g,… Read More »

Anti-cancer medicine – Tin Kwai

Anti-cancer medicine – Tin Kwai, perennial herb of the lines of Mao Tin Kwai Pico's roots. Ignorant of sweet, bitter, cold, a small drug. Detoxification, diuresis Sanjie. Treating lung cancer, malignant lymphoma, esophageal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer. Urinary system can also be used for breast tumors and cancer, ascites, pain, swollen sores treatment, acute… Read More »

Advanced lung cancer drug

Advanced lung cancer treatment, lung cancer (bronchial carcinoma) referred to lung cancer (lung cancer), 2000 World Health Organization statistics show that lung cancer worldwide each year 1.2 million new cases, accounting for 12.3% of all cancer, 1.1 million deaths, The death accounted for 17.8% of the tumor. Even more serious is that any tobacco consumer,… Read More »

Drug treatment of lung cancer

Lung cancer drug therapy through the restraining effect of drugs. Reduce and kill tumor cells. (1) prevention medicine side effects and complications of heat radiation poisoning of that evil, easy Shangyin gas consumption, treatment should be based on Yin Qi, detoxify, cool blood-based compensation. Pharyngitis and nasal inflammation radioactive port, available by liquid Tonga Yin-hua,… Read More »

Lung cancer-specific drugs

Lung cancer-specific drugs, " Kim Oral Rehabilitation "is the Shanghai Longhua Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine University Distinguished Professor, Director of the National Traditional cancer treatment center, Dr. tutor Mr. Liu Jiaxiang clinical practice more than thirty years after, in the State Science and Technology, Shanghai Branch Commission and other research units in the support… Read More »

Effective drug for small cell lung cancer

Effective drug for small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer is chemotherapy, supplemented by surgery / radiotherapy comprehensive treatment of the disease. It is very sensitive to a variety of chemotherapeutic drugs. There are many clinical drugs to choose from. The commonly used single-agent better (efficiency> 20%) had the following categories: (1) methotrexate Ling,… Read More »