Lung cancer-specific drugs

By | April 29, 2012

Lung cancer-specific drugs, " Kim Oral Rehabilitation "is the Shanghai Longhua Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine University Distinguished Professor, Director of the National Traditional cancer treatment center, Dr. tutor Mr. Liu Jiaxiang clinical practice more than thirty years after, in the State Science and Technology, Shanghai Branch Commission and other research units in the support of the designated by the State Drug Administration new drug clinical research base (eight well-known National Cancer Hospital) clinical trials showed that the "Golden rehabilitation" for lung cancer up to 83% total efficiency. Successfully developed in 1999, the State Drug Administration approved the "Golden oral rehabilitation" for the three national Chinese medicine treatment of lung cancer drug.
1. Specific treatment: gold rehabilitation cures lung cancer, targeted, more significant effect. Significantly improve the clinical symptoms of patients with lung cancer, improve immune function and prolong survival. On the one hand combined with surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy to increase efficacy; the other hand, for the appropriate surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy alone, can achieve good therapeutic effect.
2. The authority of drugs: oral rehabilitation gold three years of experience as Professor Liu Jiaxiang party has listed as "June", "July", "August" key scientific research projects, won the National Natural Science Foundation of China, has participated in international academic exchanges, and won the 2000 National New Product Award, the state of protection of traditional Chinese medicine for seven years.
3. Safe and convenient: Oral Rehabilitation for the pure gold of Chinese medicine preparation, safe non-toxic side effects; oral liquid preparation, easily absorbed, bioavailability, convenient and family medicine clinic patients.
Lung cancer -specific drugs, 4. technology products: At present, Shanghai Medical University, Professor Liu Jiaxiang in the number of doctoral students are still on the gold as the depth of Oral Rehabilitation R & D, and with the Shanghai University of TCM, the United States HARMONEXLLC companies, as recognized by the U.S. FDA has passed the phase clinical trial. Is conducting a phase clinical trial of rehabilitation for the gold market into the European and American developed countries to create conditions and will also bring good news for the global lung cancer patients.
Kim Oral Rehabilitation Indications: Qi and yin, clearing and detoxifying. For the treatment of primary non-small cell lung Qi Deficiency is not suitable for surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or with chemotherapy, will help improve the effect of chemotherapy and improve immune function, reduce the chemotherapy-induced leukopenia and other side effects.
Kim rehabilitation mechanism is:
1. Anticancer effect: in vivo tests showed that the "Golden rehabilitation" EC in vivo solid tumors in mice, S180 solid tumor and Lewis lung cancer, whether oral or intraperitoneal injection were significantly moderate inhibition. In addition, mouse melanoma B16 cells, lung metastases also showed that oral administration of a certain extent.
2. Directly kill cancer cells: " Rehabilitation of gold "on the murine leukemia cell lines in vitro P388, mouse melanoma cell line B16 and human small cell lung cancer cell line SPC, LAX human lung cancer cell lines were diluted in the liquid 800-fold to several thousand times the circumstances, there is still a very strong inhibition.
3. Enhance immune function: "Jin Fu Kang" on macrophage phagocytosis, natural killer cells (NK) activity of mice spleen lymphocyte proliferation and interleukin- (IL-2) and so significantly role in promoting.
Lung cancer-specific drugs, 4. Synergistic combination chemotherapy Attenuation: The experiment proved that the "Golden rehabilitation" combined with low dose chemotherapy drugs cyclophosphamide (CTX), mitomycin C (MMC) and methotrexate (MTX), the small inhibition of rat S180 solid tumor with chemotherapy alone were used from the time of the original 29.03%, 15.48%, 25.08% increased to 61.29%, 66.45% and 60%, with a clear synergistic effect, and leukopenia caused by them, also have good protection.

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