Anti-cancer medicine – Tin Kwai

By | May 1, 2012

Anti-cancer medicine – Tin Kwai, perennial herb of the lines of Mao Tin Kwai Pico's roots. Ignorant of sweet, bitter, cold, a small drug. Detoxification, diuresis Sanjie. Treating lung cancer, malignant lymphoma, esophageal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer. Urinary system can also be used for breast tumors and cancer, ascites, pain, swollen sores treatment, acute infection, lymphatic system and so on. 15-300g, Shuijianbi. Due to a small drug, not excessive.
[Clinical application]
1. Kuizai days of lung cancer treatment, the blue stone beans l5g, Ye Mang Macon, Shek Lin of the 30g. Shuijianbi, Japan 1.
2. Governance liver cancer, breast cancer days Kuizi l5g, diffusa 30g, Scutellaria barbata l5g, heavy floor 9g. Shuijianbi.
3. Governance gastric carcinoma with gastrointestinal bleeding days Kuizi 500g, Dioscorea bulbifera 500g, thinking sub-500g. Dioscorea bulbifera appropriate first crush, and the days Kuizi, thinking the common sub-boiling water, filtered, the filtrate was concentrated extract into a form, add accessories after the granulation, drying, tablet. Each weight 1.5g, every 5 to 10 tablets, 3 times a day.
4. Governance breast Tin Kwai root l5g, as Fritillaria Yee, fake male spider 109, licorice gun, with the decoction.
5. Governance bladder cancer Tin Kwai, Pyrrosia the l5g, crossing the yellow soil of the night, Ling 30g. Shuijianbi, Japan 1.
6. Treatment of malignant lymphoma Tin Kwai, Dioscorea bulbifera, mahogany incense, re-building the l5g, six snakes Valley 30g C fry 2 hours). Shuijianbi, Japan 1.
[Compatibility of experience]
This product often with Prunella, cure of malignant lymphoma; four had Fritillaria, heat reducing swelling, treatment of thyroid tumors, thyroid cancer, and parotid gland tumors; with flavescens, treatment of skin cancer; with black nightshade, cancer of the breast , ascites; with soil by the Ling, cure bladder cancer.
[Pharmacological action]
Anti-cancer medicine – Tin Kwai, anti-tumor effect of animal experiments show that the product of a variety of transplanted cells can inhibit sarcoma 180 in mice, lung cancer, lymphoma, liver cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, breast cancer and other cancer have a better effect.

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