Anti-cancer plant – tonkinensis

By | May 1, 2012

Anti-cancer plant – tonkinensis, the strains of legume root of Cassia flexilis. Ignorant of the bitter, cold; the lung and stomach. Detoxification, swelling and pain. Treating lung cancer, throat cancer, tongue cancer, liver cancer, bladder cancer, esophageal cancer, trophoblastic cancer, and leukemia and other cancers; can also be used with the sore throat, teeth, yellow disease and pain swollen sore. Oral 3 ~ 10g, decoction or juice, ground service. External: with money or into powder coating the affected area. Not long fry, spleen Deficiency diarrhea were banned clothing.
[Clinical application]
1. Governance NPC tonkinensis 109, 15 Dan Hill arrowhead, Prunella 30g, Rhizoma Imperatae 30g, Xanthium eclipse, almonds 6g. Shuijianbi day one, 2 times service.
2. The treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia, tonkinensis amount of sugar mixed with the end of all alternate, 3 ravioli, once a day, even serving 6 to 15 days for a course of treatment.
3. Governance cancer, flavescens 30g, tonkinensis 30g, Solanum nigrum 30g, diffusa 109, decoction, a little into the borneol to soup mouthwash several times a day.
Anti-cancer plant – tonkinensis 4. Governance laryngeal tonkinensis l5g, Scrophulariaceae l5g, Daqingye 15g, open golden 30g. Shuijianbi day one.
5. Tonsil cancer treatment tonkinensis, mountain arrowhead of the lZ ravioli, almond, baby tea, the 150g, impatient 50g. Total to fine, refined honey for the pills, each pill weighing 3g, including technology, slowly swallow, 6 capsules per day.
6. Tonkinensis treatment of esophageal cancer, Solanum nigrum the ZOg, full melon wilt 15g, Clematis lZg, Pueraria lZg, Hong rubber lZg. Shuijianbi day one.
7. Treatment of lung cancer is made by tonkinensis extract tablets, each containing bovine medicine rope, Japan 3 times, each time 3 – 5 pieces.
8. Tonkinensis liver cancer treatment, artillery Shan Jia, turtle shell of the 15g. Force u water Jianzhi, day 1, sub 2,3 times warm clothes.
[Compatibility of experience]
This product is equipped with licorice can reduce its toxicity, but not compatible with rhubarb; with diffusa, Huang Ling, Scrophulariaceae, Houttuynia, Prunella, matrine, cure a variety of cancers.
[Pharmacological action]
1. Anti-tumor effect
(1) inhibition of tumor cell killing: This extract on rat Yoshida sarcoma ascites tumor type and ascites liver cancer, 14 cervical cancer in mice with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia and other cancer cells can inhibit effect.
Tonkinensis Lewis lung extract on 30 %—., that tumor inhibition rate of 60%, a direct killing effect on cancer cells; of mouse LA-795 lung adenocarcinoma cell line in the hypoxic state toxicity under aerobic conditions 36 times.
(2) blocking precancerous lesions: tonkinensis on mouse stomach carcinogenesis of squamous epithelium are blocking effect; on human esophageal cancer cell line (Eca-109) lethal time with drugs was enhanced.
(3) affect the metabolism of cancer cells: tonkinensis fJ ~ ~ llJ; III] in vitro J i'l exclusion of human liver cancer cell proliferation and reduce the metabolic activity of mitochondria; induced liver mitochondrial cytochrome P450, increased cyclophosphamide gaze intently gum Ai life, and cyclophosphamide combination on the safety and Ehrlich ascites carcinoma synergistic effect.
(4)-induced K562 cell differentiation induced cell rli] mature differentiation and to induce differentiation of a number, people hepatoma cell line SMMC-7721 cells together in the S phase of normal liver cells induced to differentiate.
Anti-cancer plant – tonkinensis 2. On the immune function of tonkinensis injection can inhibit macrophage phagocytosis, inhibit the production of serum hemolysin and reduce the number of specific rosette forming cells and the level of serum hemolysin and reduce the rate of lymphocyte transformation in vivo, thus demonstrating immunosuppression. Tonkinensis injection with cyclophosphamide gaze intently glued to make use of synergistic immunosuppression.

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