Anti-cancer medicine – Garlic

By | May 1, 2012

Anti-cancer medicine – strains of garlic Liliaceae perennial herb of the garlic bulb. Weixin, warm; owned brand, stomach, lung. Detoxification? Xiao swelling, killing only the sick. Indications for the nose at cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, lung small cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma of the Select gate, gastric adenocarcinoma; Pei swollen drugs can be used for pain, addiction ulcers and tuberculosis, diarrhea disease, hookworm, Tui sis. 5 ~ 10g, water to cook, cooking, raw food can be. External use, pound deposited. Note Yin Huo-wang were not served. External application of this product can cause skin redness, burning, from the tumor, it can not be topical too long.
[Clinical application]
1. Governance nasopharyngeal wash fresh garlic peeling, with a clean flooding 2 to 3 days, changing the water 2 times a day, dry; brewed with sugar pepper, bandits Ren, cinnamon, Yan Hong large reserve; the fat cylinder brushing dry, Sheng brewed a good dessert, add the garlic dry, cool place, 1 week after consumption.
2. Treatment of esophageal cancer 10 ravioli garlic, vinegar 200ml. Cooked garlic into the vinegar, fresh garlic, vinegar, drink, day 1.
3. Governance lung garlic juice pressed out of each 10 "'- '30, the oral administration of 2 times a day.
Anti-cancer medicine – Garlic 4. Governance liver garlic 8, cloves 109, Amomum a bait, 109 galangal, ginger 5g. Total pound drunk, medicinal mud will stick in the Anhui, Zusanli on 1-2 times a day.
5. Governance gastric beans garlic: garlic 20g, fried beans 40g, add water, simmer until the fry until almost thick. Empty stomach. garlic wine: garlic 250g to clothing Baptist wine (two bottles of wine or sorghum half) about l year, sooner or later, drink a small cup of fasting. garlic tea: Garlic 9-25g, peeled, chopped drunk, and green tea 1-1. Laos, with 25g brown sugar 500ml boiling water stir, add water for 5 minutes, warm to drink.
6. Anti-cancer vinegar garlic: garlic vinegar dip more than half, 2-3 petals. Also suitable for advanced colorectal cancer mass, with abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloody stool were. 10 ravioli garlic, watermelon 1. Peeled garlic, watermelon wash, dug a triangle, put the garlic, cover and melons, Sheng dish, steam cooked, hot drink juice.
[Pharmacological action]
1. For the FDA anti-tumor ascites rat sarcoma MTK-N and Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells with anti-splitting effect.
Allicin is sensitive to the experimental strains of mouse tumor cell sarcoma, reticulocyte sarcoma ASR and S18G, followed by ascites liver cancer, cervical cancer again.
Allicin could be induced in vitro human liver cancer BEL-7402 cells. Allicin significantly inhibited the growth of ovarian cancer cell line H08910, with obvious time and dose effect, large doses of allicin on H08910 cells showed direct cytotoxic effect, while small doses induce apoptosis. With the concentration increase its ability to inhibit tumor cell killing.
Allicin in human gastric cancer cell lines can MG (Xi ():.; Not "s (; C-790l cell cycle arrest in M phase.
2. Anti-cancer effect of Allicin can inhibit the 4 nitro wow Lin oxide-induced precancerous lesions and oral cancer.
3. Synergistic effect of chemotherapy with the M allicin combined use of specific anti-cancer drugs, has synergistic anti-tumor effect.
Allicin can enhance the smooth lakes, phosphorus from the first plastic ring, 5 a slightly Anhui fluorouracil, mitoxantrone Queensland State benefits such as mice sarcoma S180, K562 human leukemia inhibitory effect.
Anti-cancer medicine – garlic, 4. Garlic can improve immune function of NK cell activity, improve T cell function and cytokines to improve the level of acetabulum.

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