Anti-cancer medicine – Smilax glabra

By | May 1, 2012

Anti-cancer medicine – Smilax glabra, the strains of Lily perennial evergreen vine tubers Ling night soil. Sweet, light, flat; the liver and stomach. Detoxification swelling, dehumidification meridians. Attending the urinary system and digestive system neoplasms; can be used for hot shower urinary astringent pain, the burning pain in the boat and syphilis. l5 ~ 60g, Shuijianbi. Transfer deposited into powder for external use. Avoid tea.
[Clinical application]
1. Governing territories by the NPC Ling, Digupi the 30g, because He Liu 15g, Prunella 15g, Baked Licorice 6g. Decoction, 1 day, 3 times service. soil were Ling 30g, Radix 20g, tonkinensis 15g, Prunella 20g. Water Jianzhi, daily l, sub 2 to 3 times warm clothes.
2. Treatment of malignant granuloma nasal Ling Shi night 15g, Radix 15g, ILl bean root l5g, moutan 109, Ling horn (also fried against the service) 1. 5g. Moon Water 1, R 1 agent. Another spot ~ James Park nasopharynx, nasal deposition spot quite sound.
3. Governance breast Radix 15g, soils were Ling 15g, Jt reference 12g. Decoction daily l dose, 2 times service.
4. Governance liver with disabilities; Qing-Ling 30 6 ravioli, capillaris, raw turtle, Ping Chi Lin of the 30g. Water Jianzhi, daily l, sub 2 to 3 times warm clothes.
5. The night soil treatment cancer Ling 30g, possession of Mo 60g, diffusa 60g, sarmentosum 30go Shuijianbi.
6. treatment bladder cancer who moonlight night, Ling 15g, tea root l5g. Saliva on the amount of the drug cook, add white wine to the residue amount of juice, 1 day, 2 times service; night soil Ling 30g, days Kuizi l5g, Shi Wei l5g, Lysimachia 30g. Decoction, 1 day, 2 times service.
7. The night soil treatment of prostate cancer Ling 60g. Decoction, 1 day, frequency of drinking.
8. Acute leukemia soil were Ling, Folium, Rumex, since the Chine the 30g. Water Jianzhi, day 1 ~ 2, 3 times warm clothes.
[Compatibility of experience]
This product is equipped with earth mother of pearl, governance gastrointestinal cancer; with black nightshade, cure urologic neoplasms; with Bo Mo, Achyranthes, raw mother of pearl, Clematis, Lu hive – treatment of bone tumors or bone metastases due to bone and joint pain, arrested twin; with Caulis Lonicerae, dandelion, horse teeth grams, treatment cancer; with fruit, from fresh skin, cure skin cancer.
[Pharmacological action]
1. Antitumor effect of soil on the night Ling JT (> Z6 and inhibit sarcoma Sl80.
2. Anti-cancer effect of night soil on rat aflatoxin Ling CAFB) induced liver swelling of the liver was inhibited.
Anti-cancer medicine – Smilax glabra, 3. Analgesia can increase Ling who has been in mice hot plate pain threshold of the internal organs of the body of acetic acid caused a significant analgesic effect of pain.

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