Anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine – a brother Wang

By | May 1, 2012

Anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine – the brother the king, the strains of the genus Thymelaeaceae Nanling Wu Wu took root and root bark of flowers. Ignorant of the bitter, acrid, cold, toxic; owned lung. Detoxification, and reducing swelling, Gui wet phlegm. Indications of malignant lymphoma, lung cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer; can be used for breast cancer, ascites, and tonsillitis, pneumonia, arthritis and so on. 10-20g, decoction. This product is highly toxic when taken orally should be boiled for at least 3 hours or more years, before reducing its toxicity. External pound deposited, deposited or transferred into powder and fried Washed. Pregnant women hanged.
[Clinical application]
1. Waste my brother the king of lung cancer treatment agent 60, the day 1 and 2 days for treatment.
2. A brother king of hepatocellular carcinoma treatment root l5g, my surgery l5g, licorice 109. A brother king first add water to cook the root 3 and a half hours, then add my surgery, licorice decoction 30r -.-50 minutes, and juice. Daily lr -.-2, sub 2r -.-3 times Beverage Service.
3. Governing the root of breast cancer a brother King 30r -.-60g, Yan Mo, with cold water or rice wine and service.
4. Governance malignant lymphoma of the brother the king root 30g, fried 4 hours long to detoxification, and then orally, daily l agent.
5. Governance skin cancer, a brother of fresh king l500g, decoction, to extract concentrated decoction form, lanolin 100g hot water and mix the Canadian dollar, combined with Vaseline 20 ravioli, warm mix, stirring constantly, made the Brother Wang ointment, and always painted with.
[Compatibility of experience]
This product is equipped with Prunella, treatment of malignant lymphoma; with lobelia, Chen gourd, cancer ascites.
[Pharmacological action]
Anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine – the brother of the king of anti-tumor effect of decoction of Columbia aqua number of mice ascites lymphosarcoma -1, -14 cervical cancer in mice, mice with sarcoma 180 and lymphoblastic leukemia anti-cancer activity obvious . iw

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