Advanced lung cancer drug

By | April 29, 2012

Advanced lung cancer treatment, lung cancer (bronchial carcinoma) referred to lung cancer (lung cancer), 2000 World Health Organization statistics show that lung cancer worldwide each year 1.2 million new cases, accounting for 12.3% of all cancer, 1.1 million deaths, The death accounted for 17.8% of the tumor. Even more serious is that any tobacco consumer, new cases of lung cancer continues to grow and become more and more serious harm common people's lives and health.
The treatment of lung cancer patients need Yiju physical condition, image credit type, histologic type and TNM done full consideration to conduct a comprehensive multi-disciplinary treatment. In general, non-small cell lung cancer to adopt a comprehensive treatment based on surgery, small cell lung cancer is to adopt a comprehensive treatment of chemotherapy-based radiotherapy.
Lung cancer with advanced medication, based on years of clinical that frail patients with advanced lung cancer, not suitable for on-line exhaustion, energy surgery. Timely surgery can and will consume a lot of physical strength in patients, in the end more harm than good, according to our years of clinical experience has shown that patients with advanced lung cancer, reasonable treatment by drugs, the drug curbed through effective tumor cell growth. With care and treatment of drug, also to cure lung cancer. Church by the pharmaceutical production of Hainan Dragon Qingfei Sanjie Pill through detoxification, blood circulation and pain relief, swelling and pain, cough and phlegm, to use for lung cancer, tuberculosis, lymphatic system, bronchitis, M. scrofulaceum and other diseases. Qingfei Sanjie pill can inhibit cancer cell metastasis and proliferation, thereby preventing tumor growth, and can quickly improve the immune function, reduce side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy on the human body.
We are different according to the patients physical and disease, also introduced in Beijing China Yifei Thanh Hoa God particle pharmaceutical production, professional internal heat for the deficiency in advanced lung cancer, Zheng Jian shortness of breath, fatigue, cough, hemoptysis, chest pain, etc. or a combination of chemotherapy and the symptoms of lung cancer patients with ineffective and recurrence.
Modern Medicine study confirmed that particles containing diffusa Yifei Thanh Hoa, Patrinia, Agrimony, bitter almond flavor and other anti-tumor drugs, anti-inflammatory, antiviral. Astragalus, Codonopsis and other drugs with a strong body, improve immune function and so on.
Advanced lung cancer drug, the Trinity through our unique cancer therapy, effective suppression of tumor growth and ease the suffering of cancer patients to bring, but also patients with a healthy physique.

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