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Stage of lung cancer drug

Stage of lung cancer drugs, lung cancer than chest CT examination necessary to do the chest or MRI, but also for brain CT or brain MRI, bone scintigraphy, abdominal ultrasound (liver supraclavicular lymph node area, the membrane retroperitoneal lymph nodes, kidney and adrenal, pelvic examination when necessary), check should also be related to lung cancer… Read More »

Drug treatment of liver cancer

Treatment of liver cancer drugs, traditional Chinese medicine for the vast majority of the oral preparations of various stages of liver cancer patients (complete obstruction of the digestive tract or paralysis occurs when the ball does not apply, could be replaced by enema). 1. Decoction of the traditional oral medicine: This is the best individualized… Read More »

Combined Treatment of liver cancer drugs

Combined Treatment of liver cancer drugs 1. For those who complete surgical resection, such as the cutting edge of non-cancer, portal vein tumor thrombus within the element and so on, should be used in medical treatment after surgery, can benefit software firm based, integrated gasification appropriate management. Six Gentlemen Decoction prescriptions, such as medicinal Codonopsis… Read More »

Advanced liver cancer drug

Advanced liver cancer treatment, liver cancer with ascites, jaundice, distant metastasis, etc., known as advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. With ascites of hepatocellular carcinoma, could advance medicine or western medicine diuretic therapy, ascites subsided, according to liver cancer cases, treatment can still press on. Case of hemorrhagic ascites, is not easy to subside; portal vein or hepatic… Read More »

Comprehensive treatment of liver cancer

Comprehensive treatment of liver cancer, liver cancer combined treatment of Chinese medicine, including the integrated use of different therapies, such as the spleen to Sijun mainly to stagnation of qi Xiaopi Decoction real power, heat and humidity to build soup or Yin Yin Chen Chen Wuling scattered mainly Shixiaosan Blood to the main deficiency in… Read More »

Gastric pain medications

Gastric pain medication, the treatment of cancer pain in a variety of existing methods, the drug treatment is essential, because it is effective, the risk is relatively small, the cost is reasonable, and often quick onset of therapy. The basic principles of drug treatment of cancer pain in patients with individualized treatment plan is. 1.… Read More »

Treatment of gastric cancer patients

Treatment of gastric cancer patients, cancer patients, especially cancer patients after surgery, digestive function has been greatly affected. Manifested as poor appetite, poor appetite, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, etc., and bowel motility in patients with abdominal surgery is poor, the stool is not always smooth; after a temporary reduction in the secretion of digestive juice,… Read More »

Severe cancer pain drug – morphine

Severe cancer pain drug – morphine, what is the treatment of opioid pain of moderate to severe major analgesic drugs, the effectiveness of high doses of easy adjustment, the risks and benefits that outweigh the costs. He slices through the central nervous system medicines were inside and outside the binding to specific receptors produce analgesia.… Read More »

Drug treatment of gastric cancer

Drug treatment of gastric cancer, gastric cancer surgery remains the treatment process is the main method of treatment, surgical treatment has grown from a single development for the treatment of a variety of solid tumors, an integral part of treatment, of course, remains the most important part of . Early and mid 20th century, as… Read More »

Classification of gastric cancer chemotherapy

Classification of gastric cancer chemotherapy drugs, according to the different ways chemotherapy can be divided into systemic chemotherapy and chemotherapy, local chemotherapy: 1. Systemic chemotherapy is the most common means of chemotherapy, mainly intravenous chemotherapy. Intravenous chemotherapy is divided into peripheral and central intravenous chemotherapy, intravenous chemotherapy. Because the use of intravenous Xueguan differences in… Read More »