Drug treatment of lung cancer

By | April 29, 2012

Lung cancer drug therapy through the restraining effect of drugs. Reduce and kill tumor cells.
(1) prevention medicine side effects and complications of heat radiation poisoning of that evil, easy Shangyin gas consumption, treatment should be based on Yin Qi, detoxify, cool blood-based compensation. Pharyngitis and nasal inflammation radioactive port, available by liquid Tonga Yin-hua, chrysanthemum, Shegan, pollen, Ban Langen, etc.; radiation pneumonitis can be used to save pulmonary Tonga Qingzao Houttuynia, Huang Ling, etc.; esophagitis Tonga dandelion can increase liquid, semi- Chi Lin, blue, etc.; radioactive gastrointestinal reactions can Xiangsha Liujun soup; radiation proctitis available Burnet Huaijiao small business co-inducing pills; radioactive bladder inflammation can lead eight red powder is Powder; radiation hepatitis available Yan Chen storage soup; radiation brain responses can be combined Liuweidihuangwan Wulingsan; radiation induced bone marrow suppression, or liters of blood can be transferred Ba Zhen Tang Yuan Tang.
(2) Radiosensitization of Chinese medicine with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, have a certain synergy. Animal and clinical experiments show that has been extracted from the anti-tetrandrine hormone is an effective radiation sensitizer, J II Red injection (including Sichuan _, safflower) and righting synergy party (including Astragalus, arrested worship , Ligustrum lucidum, heterophylla, safflower, HE, etc.) by improving the status of cancer cells in hypoxic sensitizing effect of the sky.
Lung cancer drug treatment (3) consolidate the curative effect of Chinese medicine after radiotherapy are localized radiation therapy, it is inevitable that residual cancer cells. Chinese medicine is better relay the latter radiation treatment, adhere to the long-term use righting method to improve long-term efficacy of medicine is evil, the key to reducing tumor recurrence. After radiotherapy mostly Yiqiyangyin righting, supplemented by other methods Qingrejiedu Sanjie evil treatment, can improve the therapeutic effect.
3. Lung cancer treated with chemotherapy combined with Chinese medicine
(1) control side effects: Chinese medicine, chemotherapy, blood damage, treatment should be based on qi and blood, spleen and stomach, nourishing the liver and kidney based. Systemic reaction or bone marrow suppression can Bazhen soup or soup of blood transfer element; gastrointestinal reactions can Xiangsha Liujun soup; poisoning 'myocarditis can drink five parameters and spleen soup; toxic hepatitis can capillaris rich soup; kidney injury can be ignorant to six yellow Decoction; drug-induced bladder inflammation and small business Yin Zi Wu Ling San is available; amenorrhea available Pill and pink prison Wu Tang; inflammatory reaction can be added with heat antidote (Silver Flower, Forsythia , Ban Langen, dandelion, berberine, etc.).
Lung cancer drug treatment, (2) in the course of drug treatment of lung cancer chemotherapy drug synergy: many righting polysaccharide extracted from traditional Chinese medicine, including drugs, and chemotherapy drugs to support, to enhance its efficacy. Animal and clinical trials confirm that PUPS synergy of chemotherapy.

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