Effective drug for small cell lung cancer

By | April 29, 2012

Effective drug for small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer is chemotherapy, supplemented by surgery / radiotherapy comprehensive treatment of the disease. It is very sensitive to a variety of chemotherapeutic drugs. There are many clinical drugs to choose from. The commonly used single-agent better (efficiency> 20%) had the following categories:
(1) methotrexate Ling, 30% efficient single-agent, either as a joint program of drug, but also cavity (pleural / peritoneal / pericardial / bow in) administration, and a very small number of drugs within one John.
(2) cyclophosphamide and the different cyclic plastic cool plastic single-agent response rate was 40% and 40%, 50%, of which plastic is the first cyclic chemotherapy drugs, economic / effective, and suitable conditions of our country, is now the preferred form of MDT drugs.
(3) class such as doxorubicin and doxorubicin, epirubicin, mouth than furans doxorubicin, mitoxantrone and other benefits from Queensland, single-agent response rates were 30%, 50%, which is combined with chemotherapy in small cell lung cancer commonly used drugs, epirubicin cardiotoxicity than doxorubicin, current clinical application of the more common, but its price is higher than doxorubicin.
(4) foot leaves have been tested (VP16) and VP16 thiophene derivatives foot leaves saliva test (mighty / VM26), a single agent has 40% -50% efficient, etoposide intravenous and oral test with two preparations, easy to use . Oh, enough leaf has an excellent fat-soluble thiophene test, easy to enter the brain through the blood-brain barrier, is often used in patients with brain metastases have one of the drugs.
(5) periwinkle bases, commonly used in small cell lung cancer vincristine / vinblastine / vinblastine cool plastic single-agent efficacy rates were 35% / 40% / 30%, vincristine and cyclophosphamide cool glue is still first-line drug of choice, and cost effective.
(6) lead in the top pin and card effective monotherapy were 25% and 40% – 50%, were combined with chemotherapy in small cell lung cancer constitutes one of the drugs in the base.
(7) Other: Taxol / Gemcitabine / Topotecan / Irinotecan 90 in 20 century, a new anticancer drug alone more than 30% effective rate, but the price is expensive.
Effective drugs for small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer is prone to drug resistance of tumor, combined chemotherapy far more efficient than single-agent chemotherapy, small cell lung cancer patients should therefore have experience in the medical profession under the guidance of chemotherapy, according to the patient's specific the situation of drug use to determine the combined chemotherapy regimen.

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