Chemical carcinogens cause cancer easily

By | October 28, 2011

The incidence of cancer caused by many reasons, chemical carcinogens cause cancer is one of the easier one of the reasons, but chemical carcinogens is also a need to promote cancer cell growth period.
Easy to chemical carcinogens cause cancer in the early stages can be divided into several processes: carcinogens into the body and then enter the body cells, is metabolized in cells and activation, activation of carcinogens and DNA genetic material within the nucleus combined with the damage and to, DNA damage repair process in a genetic mutation, gene mutation that oncogene activation. This step by step changes are the key to determine whether the cancer formation.
Cancer cells generated by a gateway is the activation of carcinogens, most of the carcinogens in the normal state does not do anything "bad", just as into human cells under the action of the enzyme in the cell is metabolized, it has a carcinogenic sex. In fact, the carcinogenic activity of cellular enzyme is not the responsibility, on the contrary should be the enzyme responsible for cell removal of toxic chemicals, these substances by chemical reaction metabolized, so that you can invade the body of toxic substances in the body. Unfortunately, this metabolism and sometimes all odds, in the metabolic process generates an intermediate product in question, may take advantage of this intermediate role in the human body. If by chance is a carcinogen, then it had to recognize trouble. This unfortunate person in the cancer journey a step forward.
Easy to chemical carcinogens cause cancer, AAF this is a pesticide, but shortly after the development found to have carcinogenic and is disabled. Mixed in the feed to AAF 38 AAF feeding of poultry after the metabolic activity of the role of the mouse, you can trigger the formation of liver cancer in mice. However, when prairie dogs fed the same no matter what. AAF chemical structure can be seen in the lower right there is a NH-type structure, if the NH into the N-OH when it can cause liver cancer, can not make this change happens naturally occurring enzymes, which will not lead to liver cancer . This is another step which is from the N-OR NO 503 into a change in genetic variation can make the change. This example can be seen from the cancer-causing carcinogens are not so easy to achieve.
Easily lead to cancer chemical carcinogen, benzo flower is a common carcinogen, it is produced in the process of biomass burning, roughly calculate what the United States annually to produce 700 tons of benzo surprised. Its structure is linked as the tortoiseshell 5 (Figure 39). Under normal circumstances, is not carcinogenic. In the event of a change in chemical structure to become a carcinogen. There were two French scientists Pulu Man proposes a couple hypothesis, that the field K is carcinogenic in 1974, and was raised in the Bay area is the area of cancer that flower in the benzo-10 loci and DNA resulting combination of genetic variation. It can make us understand that even though chemical carcinogens into the body cells, but also through some changes in order to play their role in cancer. This does not mean we can be complacent to carcinogens, and the carcinogens into your body is equivalent to have lifted one foot into the cancer, the cancer opened the first door.

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