Type of constipation – organic constipation

By | March 25, 2012

Due to changes in the intestine caused by the organic form of constipation, functional constipation than the natural frequency of the low incidence, but more significant meaning as a disease. So as a diagnosis of constipation, the first thing to do the necessary checks. Organic will be divided into congenital and acquired regret.
Type of constipation – organic constipation 1) congenital constipation: constipation, including congenital megacolon and sigmoid colon through bowel disease led to a long residence time in the intestines, water is due to constipation and intestinal absorption of most moving films produced for the day after tomorrow . Hirschsprung's disease intestinal nerve cells is the absence of an intestinal malformations, a familial tendency to occur.
To men, male: female was 4:1, more common in infants, neonatal Hirschsprung meconium at birth, not after discharge or discharge delay, or even intestinal obstruction, and more need to plug enema or embryo Price (enema) more meconium after discharge. With age, the sick child was seen as constipation, bloating, general malnutrition, and more need to help bowel enema or other means.
Type of constipation – organic constipation 2) acquired constipation: Colorectal cancer is one of the important symptoms of constipation, common over the age of 40, without any symptoms, as long as constipation or sudden change in bowel habits, may suggest intestinal there was a serious disease, it is necessary and self-doubt colorectal cancers. Colorectal lesions outside the colon caused by the narrow cavity, such as uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, cancerous peritonitis caused by oppression, and oppression caused by invasive colon lumen narrowing, etc., can lead to constipation.
Type of constipation – organic constipation 3) drug-induced constipation: drug-induced constipation mainly seen in the solution recover from illness stabbed anticholinergic agents (eg, atropine, belladonna ,654-2 and others antacids, anti-depressants agents, analgesic Wei matter (morphine, etc.), anti-hyperthyroid drugs, etc., there is the role of inhibition of intestinal remote, long-term use may produce a functional constipation, called drug-induced constipation.
Type of constipation – organic constipation 4) symptoms of constipation: Constipation is a symptom of other diseases that cause secondary symptoms of constipation. The representative diseases cerebral embolism, cerebral hemorrhage, spinal cord injury, depression, hypothyroidism, diabetes, peritonitis, fractures, excessive fertilizer and so on.

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