Transfer and diffusion of primary liver cancer

By | October 31, 2011

Transfer and diffusion of primary liver cancer 1. Intrahepatic proliferation of cancer cells directly or sinus by sinusoidal space, direct spread to other parts of the liver, metastasis foci showed a satellite-like distribution, but also away from the primary cancer, this ways to transfer the first and most common; also may invade the portal vein and the formation of tumor emboli, such as tumor thrombus in the liver off, then rise to multiple metastases, portal vein tumor thrombus obstruction can cause portal hypertension and refractory ascites.
Primary liver cancer metastasis and proliferation 2. metastasis outside the liver cancer can be a direct violation of adjacent tissues, such as the cross-chest, gallbladder, stomach, duodenum, pancreas, transverse colon, inferior vena cava, but also from the surface of the liver off, planted in the abdominal cavity, causing peritoneal carcinomatosis, ascites, female patients with metastatic ovarian cancer may.
Transfer and diffusion of primary liver cancer 3. Hematogenous metastasis of cancer cells through the portal vein invasion, retrograde transfer to the portal vein, the formation of thrombosis and spread to internal organs; such as a small branch of hepatic vein invasion of tumors, the occurrence of systemic metastasis, most found lung, followed by bone marrow, can also be transferred to the kidney, brain, skin, etc.; also occur because of hepatic vein thrombosis, can be gradually extended to the inferior vena cava to the right heart chamber or even the smaller off to a pulmonary embolus, the can cause pulmonary embolism, the formation of lung metastases.
Transfer and diffusion of primary liver cancer 4. Lymph node metastasis through the lymphatic vessels mainly transferred to the neighboring lymph nodes, such as the lymph nodes around the hepatic portal and hepatic veins can also be transferred to the para-aortic, supraclavicular, film, spleen and lymph nodes, etc. . On metastasis, low incidence of cirrhosis in 30% 60% cirrhosis than -70% of metastasis, this is not the type of cancer in these two different biological characteristics, but Primary liver cirrhosis associated with poor outcome, life is short, too late to have extrahepatic metastases.

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