The diversity of cancer treatment

By | October 30, 2011

With the development of medical science, cancer surgery or treatment is no longer a simple chemotherapy, but a variety of integrated cancer therapy treatment, a combination of a variety of treatment therapies.
Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, cancer treatment is an important method, and is widely used in clinical practice, only for certain advanced palliative treatment of patients, but also for some of the earlier preoperative adjuvant therapy . Either radiation therapy or chemotherapy in the treatment of malignant tumors at the same time, another cancer-causing cell mutation, cancer and the inhibitory effect on immune function. Foci in the first after being cured by irradiation of the organization, it can be within 5-30 years (mean 15 years) to grow a new cancer. Followed up 414 cases of survival after radiotherapy in patients followed for an average of 15 years, that is, 19 patients had a second primary malignancy, 17 cases of which cause disease, are the result of radiation therapy.
Diversification of cancer treatment, current clinical application of the chemical on the anti-cancer drugs, most of the existing injury or inhibition of tumor cells, but also has different levels of carcinogenic and immunosuppressive effects. Experimental results show that the incidence of many malignancies and the body's immune function, and therefore, chemotherapy drugs suppress the immune function itself can promote tumorigenesis, which has been clinically proven and recognized. In recent years, due to chemotherapy drugs after reports of a new common malignant tumor, especially in order to strengthen the treatment effect, choose radiation therapy and combination chemotherapy in patients with more on the new synergistic effect induced tumors. Thus, with the received radiation and chemotherapy increase the number of cancer patients and survival time, the new second, the second number is bound to increase cancer incidence.

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