Care of cancer patients sleep

By | October 30, 2011

Insomnia is a common symptom of cancer patients. The occurrence of insomnia can seriously affect the patient's quality of life, after the all night, do not want to get up the next morning, all day tired and listless, this is not conducive to disease treatment, is not conducive to physical and psychological rehabilitation of patients.Sleep care cancer patients is very important, long-term patients without adequate sleep and rest, not only physical exertion and mental, but also reduce the body's resistance to diseases, increasing the disease progresses, the more worried that sicker patients, the easier it cause insomnia at night, thus creating a vicious cycle.
Cause cancer patients are many reasons for insomnia. The face of life-threatening disease and pain, the patient can not help but worry, fear, mental tension. Coupled with fear of surgery and other treatments in patients with adverse reactions resulting in the heavy psychological burden. This is often the cause of insomnia one of the main tumor patients, hospitalized patients, due to leave his familiar environment of home and the new can not adapt quickly, can cause difficulty falling asleep; ward staff to work in night noise.
Patients living around the ring and the groans of pain may affect normal sleep: the tumor itself or due to surgery and other treatment of pain and discomfort caused by the often more obvious in the dead of night when you feel the pain of these difficult to tolerate the patient can not sleep; some tests and treatment projects, often break the normal schedule of patients, affected patients develop long-term patterns of life and habits, resulting in nocturnal insomnia; some diseases other than cancer, such as neurasthenia, diabetes and some heart and lung disease can also be cause sleep disturbance, all the above factors, if not promptly remove and resolve, then make the patient into a state of chronic insomnia, resulting in excitation and inhibition in the central nervous system disorders, disorder of the body's biological clock occurs. To solve insomnia night of cancer patients, not only rely on the guidance of the public care and treatment more important by the patient's own efforts. In overcoming insomnia should note the following:
Cancer patients sleep Care (1) Note bedtime diet. Dinner in moderation, should not eat bland food for the stomach to prevent hunger in the fed or state servants sleep, bedtime should not be drinking coffee, and other beverages can cause brain excitability.
(2) the elimination of bad attitude, good psychological adjustment. The patient's illness to deal with their parking therapy caused as a result of adverse reactions have a correct understanding, the courage to face reality, effort to remove fear, tension, anxiety, fear and other psychological make you maintain a calm and stable state of mind.
Cancer patients sleep Care (3) to improve the sleep environment and adapt to the new environment, a familiar, quiet, warm, air circulation environment is conducive to the patient to sleep. Sleep environment should try to avoid the sound, light and other interference. The new environment should take a positive attitude to adapt, not reimbursing complaining and conflict.
(4) positive control can not tolerate the pain or discomfort. Pain is often a major factor in causing insomnia. According to the causes of pain, location and nature of the pain using a variety of methods, such as sedatives, painkillers, acupuncture to alleviate or eliminate pain, to calm the patient, and soon fall asleep.
(5) active treatment of sleep disorders caused by other diseases. If the patient accompanied by other diseases, showing some symptoms such as heavy cough, expectoration, shortness of breath, palpitation, urinary frequency, diarrhea, etc., in addition to aggressive treatment of primary disease, the impact of sleep on the above symptoms should be promptly for symptomatic treatment. Such as cough, Lee sputum, vomiting and so on.
(6) According to arrange treatment and rehabilitation programs and adjust the schedule. Able for the establishment and rehabilitation treatment of disease patterns of life. Morning, get up, the proper conduct of outdoor activities, adhere to nap, but should be avoided for too long. Should not be too long in bed during the day to avoid Sishuifeishui the darkened state. Night time sleep.
(7) during the day should be appropriate recreational activities or physical exercise. However, to avoid excitement before going to bed or to allow the brain involved in emotional activities. Such as listening to the strong rhythm of music, exciting books, and videos, play some "addiction" to video games and chess and other competitive and confrontational with strong project, talk to chat with others should be the subject of disputes to avoid the debate, avoid too strong a sentiment change and excitement, such as the ecstatic, furious and so on.
Cancer patients sleep Care (8) the rational use of hypnotics. For long-term and more serious insomnia patients received sedation, sleeping pills are necessary, but should pay attention to rational use of drugs, must not be abused. Because long-term use sedative hypnotics, will gradually weaken the role of drugs, it is necessary to increase doses in order to obtain satisfactory results, and ultimately the patient will be difficult to get rid of drug dependence and requirements. Another side effect of sedation and has some toxicity, such as fatigue, lassitude, dizziness, memory loss and so on. Certain drugs can also cause allergic skin clothes, a few obstacles can cause hematopoietic system, so that white blood cells, thrombocytopenia, anti-cancer treatment to cause difficulties. Therefore, the use of sedative hypnotics principle is to start small doses, different drugs are used interchangeably.

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