The cause of prevention of malignant lymphoma

By | October 16, 2011

Since the exact cause of lymphoma is not clear, to take active preventive measures wonders there are certain difficulties. Clinically the cause according to the study of malignant lymphoma, appropriate for the prevention of high-risk groups, there may be blocking the delayed occurrence of the disease. Obtained complete remission after treatment for the patients given aggressive treatment if the measures are likely to extend the remission period and even prevent cancer recurrence. Therefore, for the prevention of malignant lymphoma should be aware of the following causes tens of thousands of faces:
attention to climate change, the military on active treatment to prevent HIV infection;
Malignant lymphoma, pay close attention to the cause to prevent large shallow expanse of licensing changes in the lymph nodes, for the odd family member should be similar to patients on high alert;
exercise, and improve the body's immune resistance to bow knife blade;
Cause of malignant lymphoma aggressive treatment and prevention may be relevant to the real him Benbingfasheng chronic diseases such as chronic lymphadenitis, autoimmune diseases;
For the shallow expanse of lesions, should pay attention to the skin clean and avoid unnecessary damage or stimulation.

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