Risk factors for skin cancer

By | October 16, 2011

The main factors of skin cancer are:
skin cancer caused by excessive UV exposure factors. With improved quality of life, said light bath, outdoor sports fashion, working outdoors and outdoor activities are more time people exposed to excessive ultraviolet radiation damage caused by skin cancer is not kiln ignored, the World Health Organization has a clear white space damage caused by UV radiation exposure is still owned by the bag to protect, cortical cataract and skin jump from malignant melanoma, squamous cell Tang, basal cell carcinoma, excessive exposure to UV radiation Qu most notably skin cancer and eye cataract, 50% to 70% of skin cancer attributable to radiation exposure outside Ying.
We all know that UV exposure to radiation would be the appropriate body to produce huge educational benefits, ultraviolet true for vitamin D synthesis in green role in promoting the role of bone tissue development excluded, and the growth of children more than the sun, mostly in outdoor sports, is conducive to Qiu attic disease prevention, youth benefit from the German body healthy, tan and dark red is a symbol of health and so on. UV also used in medicine for the treatment of these diseases chestnut, such as the treatment of silver is a disease, idiot wind and so on. But in the last two years, the ozone layer in the atmosphere than in 1978 observed by satellite at any time since thinning, UV penetration also increased, the experts pointed out that if the ozone in the ozone layer by 10% of light through the atmosphere of the BE UV will rub DO 15% -20%, not to appropriate protection, over-the pursuit of "healthy color" skin, may cause illness.
factors of skin cancer hazards of smoking. Dutch food scientists at Washington University Medical Zhongshan recently discovered long-term smoking can increase the Hui, the risk of squamous cell deer, in which the top 74 research scientists. However, skin cancer patients and 386 healthy individuals, but the eyes of history was oral tobacco retrospective study found that smokers suffer from squamous cell carcinoma is the probability that those who do not smoke theme 3.3 times, and this probability will be as patient Smoking increases the number of management constantly increased.
factors of skin cancer than the value of occupational protection. Many industry practitioners need, neglect of occupational health and amount of education, do not know protection, access to the school of asphalt, oil, tar and other really strong neck deer j of odd chemicals, over time may be sick.

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