Drug treatment of cancer patients to consolidate

By | October 16, 2011

Cancer drug treatment consolidation: cancer patients after discharge from hospital notes self-medication self-medication of cancer patients after discharge from hospital, the first to read instructions or take prescription medication administration time strictly controlled; some drugs on patients with stimulation, to be taken after meals , must not take rice and noodle dishes, chemotherapy drugs can lead to nausea, vomiting, general medicine before going to bed, but also by serving analgesic, sedative and other drugs to reduce discomfort. True gray, to master the correct posture medication should normally aim at taking tablets, and at least 100 ml of warm water to expose, to be standing after the tablet group sent 90 seconds under the belief, the tablets can be smoothly through the food business. Study found that a lot of drugs when supine medication will be attached to the food thunder from the membrane 5 to 10 minutes or so began to dissolve Yang, and prone to irritation pain kiln; taking the capsules into heaven when the Department of Civil Court significantly extended, if Italy who were lying down taking a tablespoon of warm water drink medicine, 60% of the cases the Department of pills that less than heaven.
Cancer drug treatment consolidation 1. Cancer rehabilitation treatment principle in Chinese medicine, cancer medicine in ancient books often depressed as a "crazy house", "accumulate", "Cave '," choke every "application for cancer rehabilitation and other medical therapy is often righting method by evil, dialectic and debate the combination of disease, because when the hardship, the result of the principles directly into the system.
Drug treatment of cancer patients to consolidate 2. Precautions when taking Chinese medicines generally declared drug application 1 hour before meals taken in; digestive fertility drugs or stimulate the bowel to Ray, the medicine after meals kiss interactive, sedative drugs should be at bedtime, a method according to the specific prescription medication to take drugs. Promotion of generic drugs, warm clothes; sweating relieving drugs declared thermal clothing; vomiting should be a small amount of frequency service. Changshan bogey onions, and He is also the first to write bogey yellow onions, garlic, Luoka, mint avoid turtle meat, turtle Shen Ji seek food. Ophiopogon bogey free fish, licorice, including understand, write Mei avoid pork, hepatitis patients when not eat Chinese herb fish without scales. Health and hanged during the medication order, Qin 5, greasy, fishy or odd Austria, which are not digestible special bland food.

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