Physical exercise in patients with cancer

By | October 16, 2011

Cancer patients in the rehabilitation of the need for physical exercise to exercise in patients recovering from a double meaning, cancer patients can exercise an exercise in interpersonal relationships, mutual sympathy between patient and encouraging, and the successful experience gained, will be on the its positive impact on the emotional young; the other hand, cancer patients can significantly improve the physical exercise to increase body resistance, so the body can be trained, it is very useful activities. Exercise time in the arrangement, if it is qigong, you can start at any stage of illness. If other projects, will have two phases:
Exercise cancer patients according to their own interest in the adaptation phase to select an item, strictly controlled load, and the mental exercise as the primary content, supplemented by physical exercise;
cancer patients exercise in front of the consolidation phase is based on the exercise can take one or two fixed training content, which depends on the patient's interest and shelf-life situation, there is no hard and fast rules, if the side of practicing qigong side and engaging in other projects Exercise, in general, the longer the interval between the two is good, not connected exercise.

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