Periodic review after cancer treatment

By | October 16, 2011

Cancer patients after treatment of malignant tumor treatment reviewed regularly by the early definitive treatment, the general can obtain more satisfactory results, many patients can recover or return to work. However, even after treatment, moss good physical condition, may still be young by Lennon in a small amount of residual cancer cells, when the right conditions will "come back", so as to prevent tumor recurrence, consolidation treatment, to ensure that rehabilitation, cancer treatment on a regular basis to review it is very important. Then, after the end of the foot tumor patients should review how to conduct it?
Periodic review after cancer treatment (1) shall be subject to the visions of the original treating physician resistance, the hospital regularly to the treatment of tumors or feet to make the necessary hospital orange body search, identify problems and timely treatment to prevent tumor recurrence or metastasis.
Periodic review after cancer treatment (2) grab the diagnostic screens before and after cancer treatment report of the bow-bit check bit check when the review results are compared to conducive to reasonable treatment.
Periodic review after cancer treatment (3) After review did not find signs of metastasis or recurrence, we can not give up the next periodic review of opportunities to the hospital.

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