Nutrition during cancer chemotherapy conditioning

By | October 17, 2011

Nutrition during cancer chemotherapy aimed at conditioning only food conditioning to help management into the appetite, reduce vomiting, to help the recovery of hematopoietic function, improve liver function and other south. Nutrition during cancer chemotherapy conditioning should pay attention to the following areas.
Nutrition during cancer chemotherapy conditioning (1) To ensure adequate nutrition of patients is required in patients with dry million increase in appetite hundreds, often replace food fan from God, and pay attention to color odd dishes with Hong Mei cover.
Nutrition during cancer chemotherapy conditioning (2) maintain adequate protein intake: Cancer is a disease of material consumption, especially consumption of proteins play a lot, chemotherapy and often cause nausea, vomiting, lack of other hard to digest like to force the reaction therefore should always be huge lean pork, beef, meat or poultry and other poultry. If the patient is tired of greasy Hunxing can be lucky for some amount of protein-rich homes of non-meat foods such as cheese, eggs, cakes, salted duck eggs and so on.
Nutrition during cancer chemotherapy conditioning (3) to avoid non-digestible food should be: should be more boiling, stewing, steaming and so easy to digest food, less fried food should be.
Nutrition during cancer chemotherapy conditioning (4) more homes should be the amount of vitamin rich vegetables, leather, fruits and so some of his youth as anti-cancer foods such as asparagus, kelp, seaweed, onion, garlic, mushrooms and so on.
Nutrition during cancer chemotherapy conditioning (5) the proper use of Chinese dietary therapy: chemotherapy, patients with decreased immune function, neutropenia, anorexia, used astragalus 24 grams of stew, soup should be meat, green as elevated white blood cell, and multi-orbital Hill House, Luoka food from appetizers such as the spleen.
Since chemotherapy may cause some damage tissues and organs, such as oral, food sales, the radioactive lung inflammation, dry mouth, Shezao, eat less sodium, ambassadors and other symptoms of dry, declared on conditioning in the diet in order to keep Yang, Sheng Jin, Qi, supplemented by food off the green Qingrejiedu to light, digestible, nutritious main semi-liquid diet, such as melon, lettuce, vegetables j white, lotus root, Kyrgyzstan melon and fresh meat, not oil lamp burn a bitter quarrel, and Britain, less ignorant or not spicy at stimulating tone.
Overall, nutritional conditioning during cancer chemotherapy should be given high protein, high in vitamins, low fat easy to digest foods, eat more fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, eat more food rich in vitamin date, select the light digestible food kiss, kick alcohol and spicy spicy food kiss, more water, to reduce the response of oral Flower Films.

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