The four requirements of diet conditioning tumor

By | October 17, 2011

Cancer patients the right to food conditioning youth four basic requirements, that is enough total calories; nutrition to be balanced; recipes how to be a reasonable statement; method of cooking methods and eating to pay attention.
Cancer diet should pay attention to what aspects of conditioning?
Cancer dietary conditioning (1) Total calories: cancer patients daily total calories from food intake is not lower than normal as possible for the minimum requirements for dry coke a day over 10. Because high-protein degradation in vivo cancer patients, reduce the synthesis of metabolic function, nutritional deficits in negative nitrogen balance, the government should increase the demand for protein. Should be high quality protein based, such as eggs, milk, meat, soy from and so on.
Cancer dietary conditioning (2) nutrition to the relative balance: According to the victims, the needs, the coffin on the amount of nutrients to complete, in addition to sufficient high quality protein intake, in general, should be low in fat and moderate carbohydrate-based, and note added vitamins, inorganic salts, cellulose, etc., which can apply for access to fresh vegetables and fruits.
Cancer dietary conditioning (3) Ho Wife reasonable recipes Results: Cancer Italian recipes are simple and must not single, it should be a new park and multi-pattern, knot what is reasonable, when Jin in the production of food, as much as possible to the light and high nutrient pepper excellent quality combination of quality homes Yu digestible and rich combination of vitamins, the total supply of organs and patients, the combination of cold and heat syndromes of the actual situation.
Cancer dietary conditioning (4) cooking methods and eating million Law million to pay attention: the food selection, production, cooking good food should be created on the sensory characteristics, the color, smell, ignorant, shape and work hard, for as much as possible and to meet ignorant of the mouth in patients with hobbies and habits, but also according to the patient's digestive ability to take smaller meals, weight, rolling with liquid, Chin alternately eating hard food bow, sweet week for the form bean meal. To create a pleasant atmosphere when eating, try eating with the family monopoly of wisdom, such as before meals to avoid undesirable stimulation ignorant fumes. In patients with radiotherapy and chemotherapy interim period, should seize the opportunity to benefit Green appetite improved nutrition.

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