The theory of traditional Chinese medicine for cancer prevention

By | October 16, 2011

TCM theory is intended to prevent cancer, destroy cancer, protect their health. "Yellow Emperor" in a very dry on the reference to "saints had died of ill treatment of disease. Disease has become the drug and then, Pi still Keer Chuanjing, fight and cast cone, do not be too late." In the "Yellow Emperor "Prevention of thought under the guidance of knowledge about cancer prevention, continuous development of essential points are true.
Theory of traditional Chinese medicine to prevent cancer (1) attention to enhance the body's own righteousness and the coordination of people and the relationship between the loop mirror: Chinese medicine, cancer is not the routine daily food Festival, and nature is closely related to climate change, rather than physical force particularly the strength of the main factors. Therefore, substantial effort to maintain a healthy first, followed by the invasion of exogenous evils should be avoided.
Chinese medicine theory of cancer prevention (2) SG treating disease: the early prevention to suffer. Not disease prevention, early ill treatment, with half the work times. "Yellow Emperor" that "evil wind matter to lightning-fast trials and tribulations, good governance, political governance fur who really rule gray skin, followed by treatment tendons, followed by the government six internal organs, followed by five prosperous rule. Governing the five internal organs are half dead, half a lifetime." This is that exogenous evils against the human body, and more from the table into, the disease is fur that is, when emergency rule will delay the gradual, until the incoming internal organs, severe and refractory to the disease.
Theory of traditional Chinese medicine to prevent cancer (3) bud stage a true rule: that is to be controlled when the cancer early, not to expand. Cancer occurrence and development of the law have it, to master the conditions, there must be predictable. Such as "Golden Chamber" says "see two to three liver disease, known on dry mass shoulder, the head real spleen." Because the liver disease often affects the spleen, liver, when If the government take care of licensing, the spleen is not compromised, then can prevent liver mass change, easy to recover. Clinical work in traditional Chinese medicine attaches great importance to the development of pathogenic factors, and stressed the need to control the changes in a timely manner.

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