Leakage caused by chemotherapy treatment for skin damage

By | March 26, 2012

Skin damage caused by leakage of chemotherapy treatment is necessary.
1) local injection of steroid preparations: After the leakage of anticancer drugs is now a good method of choice. On the mechanism of action of steroids is not clear in many areas, there are different usage. Leakage immediately after the steroid hydrocortisone preparations 100_200mg. Procaine 1ml, 4-8ml saline injection after deployment. 0.1% after injection of the Ministry of Trevor Noel with a damp cold solution, the next day with a steroid lotion applied, on which Trevor Noel with a 0.1% solution of cold, damp cloth twice a day failed, the row with the week.
2) an antidote (antidotes) trial: the local agent of the leakage specific antidote, in theory there is hope, but the experimental and clinical call this effect is not very clear.
Skin damage caused by leakage of chemotherapy treatment: According to Oliver and other reports on 20 patients with leakage of anticancer drugs <ADM18 cases, two cases of DNR range of 2 times larger than the leakage of the range of 99% in each door to give dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) used in conjunction to 14 days, after 3 months observation. 16 cases observed may have ulcer formation and the need for surgical treatment of patients, JG used a case of mourning. In addition, there are many reports of the effectiveness of DMSO, but not be recognized in the country. MMC and ADM are the same as that caused by the formation of severe ulcer agent, has been reported that people in the local injection of vitamins can reduce the damage. Leakage of local injection and MMC team the same amount of vitamins will get better results.
Even with the above treatment, but in pain, swelling increased, the formation of ulcer cases, have to consider surgery. It is reported that the judge will be organized necrosis, ulcer formation occurred in the case, should be implemented as early as possible in the local surgical debridement and skin grafting, but because of the special background of this disease and surgery is difficult to determine the scope of practice is more difficult.
Skin damage caused by leakage of chemotherapy treatment: leakage of anticancer drugs because of the damage is no definitive treatment, so prevention is the best method. Physician familiar with chemotherapy injection site to select the appropriate injection when closely observed, patients feel discomfort and pain when you have time to tell health care workers, in order to take measures to prevent serious leakage of the damage. Leakage caused by anticancer drugs as long as there is the possibility of damage, so the observation injection is necessary. If you accidentally spill anticancer, and patients to maintain good communication in the case, to take the correct approach to prevent the development of medical malpractice.

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