Prevention and treatment of chemotherapy side effects

By | March 26, 2012

Prevention and treatment of chemotherapy side effects of Chinese medicine: the traditional prescription of bone marrow suppression in the treatment of chemotherapy-induced side training in the traditional, more common in the qi, nourishing blood and yin tonic, helps the positive prescriptions, such as the Decoction, Liujunzi soup, Ba Zhen Tang , SDT soup. Followed by the kidney of the prescription to Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, represented by the research emphasis lies in kidney Prescription medicine with "ney-han wood is water" and "kidney and spleen in the command fire to students with disabilities," saying that this would be response to chemotherapy drugs MIJ close kidney, liver, spleen dirty blue prescription can take into account the traditional chemotherapy drugs to provide a team to fly the basis of traditional Chinese medicine theory.
Que dip source, application Sijunzitang chemotherapy drugs cause loss of appetite, diarrhea, etc. tract reactions of 31 cases, 90.3% effective. Useful Liujunzi Tang Liu, Chen Flavored second obvious effect of gastrointestinal reactions, and made with traditional Chinese medicine during chemotherapy, "three-no Ah. That is not symplectic dry, not bitter cold, not attack the, and the top is more secure. Peach into the stone with Six Gentlemen Decoction gastrointestinal symptoms in 32 cases, up to 2 weeks minimum: agents with satisfactory results.
Chinese control of chemotherapy side effects: Ding Chun Chi Treatment with gastrointestinal reactions Xiangsha Liujunzi: 7 cases, in addition to eating better, the blood, body weight and stomatitis were significantly better than the control group. Wang Yong, etc. Decoction with the spleen and toxicity of chemotherapy in 148 cases, that the Fang Youjian spleen Qi tonic effect on anorexia, fever, shortness of breath, effective treatment. Angelica blood pressure was used Tri Tonga, licorice treatment of 40 patients with low white blood born half in order to facilitate comparison, taking three weeks, the total efficiency is better than the comparison group.
Prevention of chemotherapy toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine: Li Min, etc. Treated with Shiquandabutang anti-digestive tract caused by chemotherapy, including fatigue and leukopenia in 92 patients, the chemotherapy group 90 patients were on the point, 6_8 Monday course of treatment, the results of chemotherapy traditional Chinese medicine group was significantly superior to chemotherapy alone group. More prescriptions of the ancient Japan, the Japanese Pan sweet and other applications in recent years Shiquandabutang: control side effects of anticancer drugs are also summarized that the attenuated chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine is a promising method of treatment. In addition to domestic six-Mei Huang Tang, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, Huang Democratic National Construction Association in the soup, and soup Yang reduce toxicity, were also reported.

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