Chinese control of chemotherapy toxicity – single herb

By | March 26, 2012

Chinese control of chemotherapy side effects medicine: single herb research in the treatment of chemotherapy many side effects, researchers single herb raise blood and regulate the immune function an important role, based on clinical experience and experimental research, in the protection of red blood cells, white blood cells, three different platelet blood cells, the role of single herb is also somewhat different slices.
Of red blood cells, hemoglobin obvious effect of Chinese medicine ginseng, deer horn, angelica, raw land, cultivated land, donkey-hide gelatin, shells and so on. The role of Chinese medicine in the white blood cells the yellow people, Huang Jing, Cordyceps sinensis, son arrested worship, Ligustrum, Schisandra, Placenta, Millettia, Epimedium, and Prunella vulgaris, double flowers, to the small, stone Wei and so on. Chinese medicine acting on the platelets have Placenta, yellow people, antler, peanut skin, Huang Jing, early prostrata, Agrimony and so on.
Prevention of chemotherapy toxicity Chinese medicine: to promote monocyte-macrophage cell function in traditional Chinese medicine ginseng, Atractylodes, Prunella, fungus, Polyporus, mushrooms, parsley, bezoar, the British public, Urban transportation and so on. Increased number of T cells to promote cell transformation and the original Chinese ginseng, salvia, glossy ganoderma, Polygonum, Atractylodes, five ignorant child, Angelica, Huang Jing, G Ren meters and so on. Induced interferon in Chinese medicine for the yellow people, safflower, melon son, mortar Chih, Angelica, leaves, paper mulberry mortar, Su Ye, Bupleurum, Tianma and so on. On the clinical application of single herb has two characteristics are often nursed back to health tonic blood oral single ignorant of medicine, such as ginseng, American ginseng, Cordyceps sinensis, donkey-hide gelatin, Placenta, panax powder; Second, extraction of active ingredients, such as from Polyporus, such as extraction of polysaccharides Ling night, righting from Ligustrum lucidum extract factors, many of these extract preparations made by the injection of oral and more into the clinical effect of nourishing blood turned from white to improve immunity.
Ignorant of the drug efficacy of single study has been rapid development in recent years. Study of Astragalus Q: qi nourishing effect, there are blood effect on a variety of hyperlipidemia effective. Toxicity of chemotherapy in the fight against the many features are available in Huangwa play a role, for example, antibodies can promote the formation of Mao Huang, adjust the cellular and humoral immunity, monocytes enhanced macrophage function on T cells and B cells have a protective effect and two-way adjustment on the nature, the injured cells and the inner nucleotides to produce good effects.
Research shows that prevention and treatment of chemotherapy also toxicity Chinese medicine, Astragalus can state animal model of mild anemia and degree of anemia, the splenic red pulp of the RNA content and acid phosphatase activity enhanced a variety of enzymes, so that the body to improve resistance to diseases, the role of price provide a basis for attenuated chemotherapy. Mei Jiao single study, it was a home-free system Niyazov bloody anemia model, found that oral gelatin on hemorrhagic significantly compensate the state, showed the drug with blood, improve immune function, anti-fatigue and hypoxic animals, shirts, etc. kinds of role. Attenuated these effects are beneficial to chemotherapy.

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