Overview of Chinese Medicine on the role of chemotherapy attenuated

By | March 26, 2012

Attenuation of chemotherapy medicine: Chinese medicine side effects of chemotherapy in the treatment prevention method is based on the syndrome differentiation, the basis of modern experimental studies, and the importance of improvement of clinical symptoms, improve quality of life and survival time prolonged. The Basic rule by the "righting of this training," which, replenishing qi and blood, Kent, and stomach, nourishing kidney and other Dafa used more often. Each treatment is often involved in a variety of chemotherapy, such treatment can be used for qi nourishing the body, fatigue, bone marrow suppression, immune dysfunction and so on. Spleen system of governance can be the blood through the spleen, the spleen and stomach phase table, spleen governs the muscles and limbs, and other basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine to improve the blood, reducing gastrointestinal symptoms and restore physical purposes.
In terms of bone marrow suppression attenuated effect of chemotherapy medicine, Chinese medicine's role in the slow and long-lasting, and medicine for many years to improve the efficacy of consolidating some of the old bone marrow suppression drugs continue to use the course of time, such as Pirates of the liver leucogen, nucleotide and so on. Enter the new number with a small amount of blood to stimulate the bone marrow of h Method effects are controversial and objective conditions, whereas traditional Chinese tonic, Qi, Yin and other drugs on the recovery of bone marrow function Fuzheng to display a larger role. Recently it was suggested that application of Salvia, Panax, Angelica and other drugs may improve bone nourishing blood micro-circulation, improve the effectiveness of Chinese medicine liters of blood. Application of traditional Chinese medicine to improve the efficacy of bone marrow suppression dead sure, but also has cheap and easy to use features.
Reaction in the digestive tract, chemotherapy often cause vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, constipation, and diarrhea and other symptoms, stimulate the nerve center from chemotherapy and injury of the gastrointestinal membrane ravioli education, medicine commonly used categories and metoclopramide with atropine, etc. have some side effects. Medicine to the stomach, mouth area of the application of Jiangni only more skin conditions such as Zhuru soup, sheathed on behalf of the restoration of fine soup gnaw appetite, reduce nausea and obvious effect. Chinese laxative treatment of constipation and diarrhea his spleen dampness often played the role of medicine to be ineffective.
Aspects of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of immunosuppressive effects of chemotherapy attenuated, the role of traditional Chinese medicine durable and inexpensive, but also water, generally occur due to immune enhancers fever and flu-like reaction. Chinese medicine to improve the immune status of the body many reports, ginseng, Astragalus, etc. qi drugs, Epimedium, Court about children and other drugs kidney yang, and the turtle, aspartame, etc. Yin drugs have the role of promoting cell-free. Besides the protection of liver and kidney function in chemotherapy, the medicine also showed a role, it was water with yang Wu Ling San primarily benefit from the prevention of anti-renal dysfunction caused by Yang, observed by a number of hospitals has shown signs of efficacy of collaboration.
Professor Zhang Daizhao by decades of clinical practice and continue to sum up sum of the number of cases in recent years, 21 000, has a more complete summary of the effective use of Chinese medicine in prevention and treatment of cancer chemotherapy in patients with adverse reactions in the Treatment of law. Although not in the medical books on the prevention and treatment toxicity of chemotherapy Treatment of records, but according to occur in the chemotherapy toxicity syndrome, according to the dialectical theory of traditional Chinese medicine, this syndrome is receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy in cancer patients caused by the body after the heat-toxin excessive, Tianjin night damage, blood damage, loss due to stomach disorders and liver and kidney. Cancer patients received treatment in the toxicity caused by the syndrome because of its heat as more severe disease hot Poison yin, so the main principle of treatment should be to detoxify, Health and body fluid, cool supplement qi and blood, spleen and stomach, nourish liver and kidney and blood of the marks-based.
Attenuation of traditional Chinese medicine on chemotherapy: chemotherapy in cancer patients with chemotherapy increased accumulation in the body, and its toxicity mainly for blood damage, loss and other stomach disorders, liver and kidney syndrome, and toxic heat and Shangyin of disease as less severe radiation toxicity, so the main principle of treatment in righting the main training, that qi and blood, health boards and the main stomach and nourish liver and kidney, as occurs during inflammation (ulcerative oral chemotherapy drug-induced phlebitis), the main treatment principle: Replenishing qi, Qi Yin, spleen and stomach, nourishing the liver and kidney, spleen and kidney warming and heat detoxification.

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