Should pay attention to the nasal cavity cancer surgery

By | April 16, 2012

1. Nasal cancer before surgery should pay attention to:
attention to rest, to prevent a cold, so as not to delay the operation time.
smoking, alcohol and tea and other spicy foods to avoid intraoperative cough, affecting the operation smoothly.
nasal cancer nasal surgery is generally taken to stalk membrane surface anesthesia (local anesthesia), special circumstances with general anesthesia. A small amount of intraoperative bleeding, the doctor will use suction aspiration, surgery patients should be careful not to use nasal breathing, do not swallow the blood, so as not to cause nausea, stomach discomfort.
2. Nasal cancer after surgery should pay attention to:
semi-recumbent position to take in patients after local anesthesia to reduce head congestion, nasal conducive to wound drainage, conscious patients after general anesthesia, was converted into semi-supine blood pressure was stable.
patients should promptly spit out the mouth bleeding, do not swallow, to facilitate the observation of oozing and bleeding, to avoid stomach upset.
nasal gauze after hemostasis should be maintained 24 – 48 hours, can lead to premature withdrawal bleeding or oozing. Such as gauze premature loosening, loss should be promptly handled the call physician. After filling the nasal cavity because of gauze, there nasal pain, headache, epiphora, oral mucosa dry, low heat are a normal reaction. Application when necessary, prescribed painkillers.
After 3 days, the complete withdrawal of nasal gauze, saline nasal wash to clean the nose, improve blood circulation, promote inflammation, absorption, clean epilepsy drainage. Patients should pay attention to head slightly forward, mouth breathing slowly, so that fluid flow through the other nasal cavity.
Post-nasal drip nasal drip liquid Qingnie nose should be, so that liquid evenly distributed in the nasal membrane stalks.
Nasal cavity cancer surgery should pay attention to, 3. Should pay attention to rest after discharge to prevent the common cold, do not hand-dug the nose, nasal dry peppermint available compound intranasally. Regularly to the hospital within six months of nasal wash. Postoperative medication was prescribed, regular review.

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