Effective diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

By | April 16, 2012

Effective diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, due to the deeper parts of pancreatic cancer, when typical symptoms occur, they often have reached the late stage, the early symptoms of pancreatic cancer are often nonspecific. Early diagnosis of 168 cases of pancreatic cancer in the 111 grams that the first symptom is abdominal discomfort, anorexia and abdominal pain were 72.7%, tlln symptoms was 13.6%, and weight loss were 9.1%, 4.5%, jaundice, lack of specificity of these temporary nature, is often ignored most of the patients, treatment of tumor development of a great general, lost the chance of radical surgery.
1340 U.S. hospitals in 1985-1995 and 100,313 cases of pancreatic cancer statistics, I of 5-year survival of pancreatic cancer was 32.8%. National statistics show that of Japan, I pancreatic cancer 5-year survival rate of up to 61%. I called pancreatic cancer is the diameter of 2cm, confined to the pancreas, with no lymph node and vascular invasion in pancreatic cancer. Therefore, to improve the prognosis of patients, the first high-need ijk early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. At this stage, the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer has drawn attention to the pancreatic cancer tumor markers, genetic diagnosis and imaging diagnostic methods have been in-depth research. Carry out high risk of pancreatic cancer screening for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is extremely important.
Effective diagnosis of pancreatic cancer at high risk of pancreatic cancer is:
a family history of pancreatic cancer;
sudden unexplained diabetes;
patients with chronic pancreatitis;
recent epigastric discomfort, fullness, pain, loss of appetite, tired of oil, does not specify the cause of anorexia and progressive weight loss, fatigue, fever, digestive tract by a more comprehensive inspection, it is difficult to explain, after the corresponding treatment did not improve or worsen persons;
40 years old male, had habit of smoking and high fat diet;
Effective diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, engaged in mining exposure to harmful chemical substances. High-risk populations on the following tumor markers, tumor-related genes and screening imaging to early detection of pancreatic cancer, the opportunity to obtain radical cure.

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