Should pay attention to bladder cancer surgery

By | April 16, 2012

1. bladder cancer surgery should be noted that consumption of high protein, digestible, nutritious food, to correct anemia, blood transfusions when necessary.
2. Bladder cancer surgery should be noted, observed and recorded daily urine color, character, 24h urine. If urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, dysuria and other symptoms should be promptly inform your doctor.
3. Bladder cancer surgery should be noted that tumor cells need to do urine test, should be strictly in accordance with the urine specimens from medical supervision.
4. Line partial cystectomy or bladder surgery the patient made thin, do not urinate on the morning of surgery to your bladder surgery easier to identify and prevent accidental injury.
5. Line cystectomy intestinal bladder substitution in patients, starting 3 days before surgery into the non-residue diet, eating to increase the number of patients when you are hungry. Prescribed by a doctor with good bowel preparation.
6. Line of skin ostomy patients, to maintain the abdominal skin clean, complete, to avoid scratching, which will help shape the survival of skin and nipple.
7. Transurethral resection of bladder cancer, balloon catheter to stop bleeding, the patient should be supine position to prevent the balloon burst.
8. To maintain catheter patency, to avoid distortion, compression, etc., observed changes in urine color, urine output to help record and, if abnormal, timely call to health care workers.
9. Ureter skin stoma patients, the skin should be observed forming the blood supply situation in the nipple, where there is retracting, the color purple, shall immediately notify the doctor.
10. Peristalsis restored, the doctor the water, daily water intake 2 000 – 3 OOOml, in order to play the role of the wash.
Bladder cancer surgery should be noted that 11. urinary diversion for patients after the inconvenient life, should be psychologically prepared to gradually adapt to, learn self-care. Discharged from hospital with a tube, properly fixed, to keep them open.

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