How to do escort work after surgery

By | April 16, 2012

Currently, many hospitals have not yet set up anesthesia recovery room, there are still many needs of family members accompanying the patient after surgery and care. Patients to return to wards, many families on their expression of pain, weakness of the body and the body more than intubation, feel helpless, restless. In fact, the right families, good care, postoperative recovery of patients is very useful. How to do escort work after surgery :
1. Understand the patient's illness, patiently listening to an introduction and guide health care workers, such as lying, eating time, a variety of drainage tubes fixed location.
2. Observe whether the patient was pale, thin lips hair, poor airway, breathing difficulties. Watch for the thin and rapid pulse, blood pressure, etc., promptly call the doctor.
3. Observation of patients have nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms, the patient developed vomiting, the patient should immediately head to one side to prevent aspiration of vomit trachea. Observation of patients each urine volume, color, stool frequency, with or without dysuria.
4. To prevent accidents, Ruzhui bed, tongue bites, burns and other hot water bottle.
5. Look at whether the bleeding wound and the drainage tube drainage, color, abnormal immediately notify doctor.
6. Concern and care for the patient, patient comfort, do not bring the patient impatience.
How to do escort work after surgery 7. accompanying personnel should not be too much, after major surgery 3 – 5 days to visit friends and relatives should be avoided, so that the patient quiet, good rest, which will help recovery.

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