Pathological cause shortness of breath

By | March 26, 2012

Etiology and pathology of a shortness of breath. Blood-borne cancer, shortness of breath, the late severe anemia, transfusion reactions, methemoglobinemia, carbon monoxide poisoning and leukemia. Severe anemia, methemoglobinemia, or hyperlipidemia and other sulfide hemoglobin, oxygen-carrying red blood cells due to decreased blood oxygen content decreased with respiratory acceleration, while heart rate. Bleeding or shock, because of ischemia and blood pressure, stimulate the respiratory center, but also allows rapid breathing.
2. Neuropsychiatric shortness of breath, the central nervous system lesions, such as brain tumors, encephalitis, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral version of swelling, brain edema, brain damage, polio, sleeping with apnea syndrome, Guillain Barre syndrome, When severe cerebral arteriosclerosis and cerebral hypoxia, carbon dioxide left over due to dysfunction of the respiratory center and cancer.
Severe brain disorders such as brain tumors, brain trauma, cerebral hemorrhage, encephalitis, meningitis, brain swelling and other version, the respiratory center due to increased intracranial pressure and reduced blood flow stimulation, the slow breathing becomes deeper, and often with respiratory rhythm abnormalities, such as respiratory containment (inspiratory abrupt end), double suction (sob like breathing) and so on.
Cancer patients because of mental or psychological factors may have shortness of breath, which is characterized by superficial and respiratory frequency, 1 minute up to 60 – 100 times, and often occurs due to hyperventilation and respiratory alkalosis, there perioral, numbness and hand-foot-pumping beat, can have severe disturbance of consciousness.
Etiology and pathology of shortness of breath 3. Vena cava syndrome due to thoracic malignancies such as lung cancer, especially in the right upper lobe tumor (about 90% – 95%), malignant lymphoma (10% – 15%), followed is of primary mediastinal tumors such as thymoma, teratoma, pericardial cysts, bronchogenic cyst intrathoracic thyroid, neurogenic tumors and metastatic cancer, and both sides of the superior vena cava compression brachiocephalic vein, so stenosis and occlusion, so that that barriers to cardiac venous return, resulting in a series of symptoms and signs.
4. Physiological shortness of breath late pregnancy, intense exercise, such as climbing a mountain, severe pain inhibitory breathing.
Etiology and pathology of shortness of breath 5. Other massive ascites, pneumoperitoneum, intra-abdominal huge tumor (such as ovarian cysts), the heat radiation disease.

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