Constipation type – functional constipation

By | March 25, 2012

Functional constipation is due to abnormal gut motility cited. Most people fall under this category, functional constipation of the moment can be divided into simple constipation, flaccid constipation (colonic constipation), habitual constipation, constipation twin recover from illness.
Constipation type – functional constipation 1) of the moment constipation: is due to travel and living environment such as changes in the law, sometimes psychological reasons such as tension, resulting in regular bowel movement disorder caused by pregnancy, sometimes women , menstruation, etc. can also cause momentary constipation. In addition to few other than the painful bloating, stool hardness in general, because it is only temporary, so life is back to the previous law, the symptoms will disappear naturally, it is not a serious disease, do not worry.
Constipation type – functional constipation 2) flaccid constipation (colonic constipation): is the result of tension or relaxation of the colon, the lower movement caused constipation. Most patients have abdominal fullness while filling is not secret chapter, characterized stool hardness in general, but relatively coarse. More common in physical weakness, lack of exercise, the elderly, postpartum women, who for many years in bed, the food the people and things too small fiber intake too few people.
Constipation type – functional constipation 3) habitual constipation (rectum constipation): habitual constipation is due to the rectum caused by the slow defecation reflex, defecation have kept it a sense of bowel symptoms such as poor, more than a the situation is full of rectal stool (if they feeling after the first ninja, do not know when it is intended to disappear, so forget the stool), Ambassador in the rectum during stagnant water absorption by intestinal stalk membrane, so that the stool hard, smaller size, defecation was often intermittent state. More common in the elderly and are intended to be used to suppress the people, there are many combined with the symptoms of constipation of colon.
Constipation type – functional constipation 4) recover from illness twin constipation: Constipation is due to recover from illness twin colonic motility and constipation caused by abnormal stress. Autonomic nervous system disorders, allergic Results threat standard guide and more, often accompanied by abdominal pain, stool, like rabbit dung-like, or only a small amount of loose stools row of symptoms, many people have alternating constipation and diarrhea. More common in neurotic people, overwork and stress is a major incentive for more young people belong to this type of constipation.

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