Constipation caused by other conditions associated with symptoms and

By | March 25, 2012

General symptoms of constipation with abdominal distension, abdominal pain and bowel difficulties, but will have serious symptoms such as vomiting and headache. In addition, because what the body should be out of the body can not be discharged feel irritability, lethargy, fatigue and bad breath. Another headache is that women feel dull color of the skin, acne and freckle face so easily. More importantly, constipation has not only brought more unpleasant symptoms and can cause the following symptoms.
Constipation symptoms and lead to other disorders associated with (1) colorectal cancer: Constipation is a major cause of colorectal cancer caused by this point has been confirmed. One study survey confirmed that Africa's indigenous stool in the intestines because time is very short lifetime of the very few people get colorectal cancer, on the contrary, European Ambassador relatively long lifetime in the intestines, so there are a lot of people suffering from colon cancer. There are many body stool metabolites carcinogenic effect, if retained in the large intestine for a long time, it may lead to colon cancer. In addition, in itself is not a malignant polyps, but polyps by physical stimulation due to the long, it may develop into colon cancer.
Constipation symptoms and lead to other disorders associated with (2) breast cancer : University of California, United States, with easy to form the breast cancer had abnormal cells in the bowel movements of people and their laws have done a study, the results showed that: a daily bowel movement of the crowd, 20, 1 (5%) Zhong breast cancer; 2 bowel movements per week following the crowd, there are 4 people and 1 (25%) suffering from breast cancer. Although no clear cause of the disease, but one thing is certain, that is due to constipation caused by intestinal survival of intestinal absorption of harmful substances.
Constipation symptoms and lead to other disorders associated with (3) grilled sores and anal fissure: the constipation, defecation effort ruled out, it will cause anal fissure, severe cases can cause bleeding; if the dirty door parts congestion, sore will form a baked (baked nuclear , flow weary).
(4) large intestine shu Room: This is due to the long-term constipation, hard stool, is the colon lining depression, called the large intestine to form pockets of tilting Shu room.
(5) gallstones: the secretion of bile in the intestinal secretion of cholesterol at the same time, although electric material will be weight absorption (enterohepatic circulation of cholesterol), but if the patients (constipation, cholesterol would be increased, so the crowd gallstones in constipation in many), and in constipation attack.
(6) hypertension: Reports indicate that harmful substances will have constipation blood pressure. Xin also to that argument, constipation cure, the blood pressure to decrease. Especially in patients suffering from high blood pressure, often in defecation prone to accidents. Therefore, we should cultivate good habits of regular bowel movements a day. Severe constipation should be treated as soon as possible.
Constipation symptoms and lead to other disorders associated with (7) liver disease: constipation order broken down harmful substances, the liver will increase the burden of worry, so the liver patients, constipation is a risk of liver patients, must be treated early.
(8) Other: In addition to the above, the constipation defecation force, customs can lead to strokes and heart attacks, and for patients suffering from atherosclerosis and diabetes a great impact. Ma blending will cause the grass in particular asthma and other allergic diseases in the attack.

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