Loss of appetite caused by the tumor response measures

By | March 25, 2012

Loss of appetite caused by the tumor response measures 1. Loss of appetite caused by treatment of a considerable portion of the countermeasures necessary cancer patients need chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or other influential treatment of the digestive system in the treatment of each person based on different physical different degrees of anorexia, nausea and other reactions.
For this treatment to the treatment of the main, be appropriate symptomatic treatment, to improve the food situation, to maintain nutrition and to ensure the successful completion of treatment. If the impact is too severe loss of appetite, consider the suspension of the treatment until the symptoms improved slightly and then make the appropriate treatment.
Loss of appetite caused by the tumor response measures 2. On the digestive system tumor response caused by swallowing difficulties affecting the digestive tract tumor incidence of gastrointestinal smooth complete obstruction in patients with incomplete, should be resolved as soon as possible through the digestive tract surgery is not smooth lesions.
Loss of appetite caused by the tumor response to countermeasures 3. Complication affecting the appetite of cancer patients although the response if the tumor did not take part in the digestive tract, but due to produce some other parts of the tumor, such as yellow disease, edema, liver, kidney, heart failure, etc. Diseases of the digestive system produces anorexia affect the situation, should try to treat the primary lesion, in dealing with in situ lesions. May be a corresponding increase appetite drug conditioning. If the primary disease who have been significantly improved political reform can only give temporary symptomatic improvement of appetite.

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