5 Ghosts of Women’s Health (Halloween Special)

By | November 21, 2018

If the theme of Halloween is fear, women have a bunch of ghosts that will appear in our lives causing chills. They are simply issues that concern us, and that often by not talking about them become myths. This is our selection of ghosts of female health. Knowledge is the best weapon to lose fear!


Unfortunately most of us have grown up with a demonized idea of ​​the rule, and not only because it is blood: the rule hurts, it is dirty, it is a nuisance, and marks the beginning of a journey to no one knows where. Many would prefer bats to pink butterflies that wrap advertisements for pads and tampons. Building a new imaginary based on menstruation as a vital sign is essential to break with this idea of ​​monthly ghost that comes to see the girls!

Later, when everything is normalized, what we fear is precisely its absence. Delays can produce cold sweats every time we go to the bathroom and we do not see … blood! Stress and hormonal imbalances are always always behind, that’s the monsters of modern life!



The infection of urine and candidiasis are like twins of horror movie. Whichever it appears, with the first symptoms fear invades us and we pray that please leave us in peace soon. There are many ways to avoid them, for urine infections you can read this post, and for candidiasis, if you have a tendency it is best to take probiotics. Although they are as scary as vampires, inserting a garlic into the vagina does not recommend it


The human papilloma virus (HPV) is much more common than you think. In fact many women live with that ghost without knowing it! Having it does not mean that anything bad will happen to you, but it is important to know in order to be able to prevent cervical cancer , which is related to the injuries that HPV can cause. For this, remember to always make periodic cytologies or opt for self-testing like Iune, more effective still.


It is common to spend years scared by delays in the rule and then start to fear not being able to get pregnant … Infertility is one of the most spooky ghosts of adult women. As with all, the essential thing is to have the knowledge to be able to make your decisions. The freezing of eggs and fertilization treatments are tools that you have in your hand.


This is the great ghost of after 40, which has the power to scare us with different weapons: insecurity and discomfort with the body, the risk of osteoporosis and breast cancer, hot flashes … Menopause is a time of many changes that affect physical and emotional health , but the more you know about them, the less fear they will give you. For example, you will soon find in B-wom the Sex in Menopause plan. Knowledge is power!

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