Early Signs of Testicular Cancer 

By | August 18, 2018

Pain, swelling, discomfort in a testicle: many men are occasionally confronted with these signs. If they are not specific for cancer and may have other causes, what are the symptoms that should cause you to consult your doctor?


In the vast majority of cases, cancer is suspected by the discovery of a palpable mass on the testicle. This mass does not regress over time. It is hard to touch and most often painless.

Occasionally, the discovery of cancer may be incidental in an ultrasound examination for a fertility disorder or testicular trauma.

Other signs may be a feeling of heaviness in the testicles, discomfort or pain that persists over time. The testicle as a whole can swell and increase in volume, sometimes suddenly.

Whichever sign you feel, talk to your doctor if this feeling persists for several days.


Other, rarer signs may suggest the development of cancer. Among these signs may be mentioned a gynecomastia, that is to say, a development of breasts in humans, which appears quickly. It is caused by the secretion of a hormone, HCG, by the tumor of the testis. Gynecomastia is frequently present in adolescence without being linked to cancer; it can also be caused by certain medications. If gynecomastia has occurred recently, talk to your doctor.

Sometimes the development of cancer causes pain in the back or flank, weight loss or difficulty breathing. A mass can also be felt in the abdomen.

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