6 Women’s Health Purposes That Will Make a Difference

By | November 21, 2018

Making a post of purposes  is already a classic of all magazines and blogs, so we wanted to make a different list: a list of specific purposes of women’s health. Because our bodies are different and our needs are different too. Whether you already have your list of resolutions done or not, take a look at these objectives and changes sure that gives you ideas to pay attention to your well-being and improve your quality of life.



Sex is connection. Connection with your partner and connection with your own body. It also has many health benefits that you have surely heard. Thanks to the chemicals that are released, it increases mood and self-esteem, reduces stress and pain, improves the skin, activates the immune system …

If you believe that sex is a somewhat forgotten part of your life, this is a reminder that caring for it should be on your list of purposes. Give it the importance it has. Reactivates your libido, improves pleasure and feels the power of orgasm. How?

  • To improve your sensations it is key to exercise the pelvic floor , and in B-wom we can also help you with a specific plan: Increase your sexual pleasure. 12 Kegel and Hypopressive exercises with which you can improve your feelings whether you have discomfort in relationships or if you just want to enhance pleasure and orgasm. 
  • If you have not done it yet, we recommend you to delve into the world of sex toys. Both for use alone and as a couple are a great help for self-awareness and increased libido. In Platanomelónhave an ideal selection for all tastes but not to lose you, of good quality and for all budgets🙂
  • And if you have pain in relationships or have problems reactivating sex with your partner, get in touch with a specialist. Prioritize your sexual health!



Most common cosmetic and personal care products that we use in our daily lives have chemical substances that can be toxic to our body. That is why using as many natural and organic products is the best prevention!

We recommend you start with the most intimate: menstrual hygiene. Conventional tampons and compresses contain pesticides (related to hormonal imbalances, fertility problems and cancer), synthetic fibers -which favor vaginal infections- and whitening chemicals that imbalance the natural PH. You can go to the organic tampons, the vaginal cup, reusable compresses or underwear for the rule like those of Cocoro … You are also helping the planet!



The menstrual cycle is the -complex- process that prepares the uterus for a possible pregnancy every month, but the repercussion of this process on your body goes far beyond reproduction. The hormonal changes govern your emotions, how you feel and how you act. It is our natural chemistry, and we can not be oblivious to it. Knowing what stage of the cycle you are in and understanding these phases will help you understand your emotions and not judge you, eliminate stress and even reduce menstrual pain. What to do? Step 1: We recommend Erika Irusta’s articles, like this one in which she explains the 4 phases of the cycle . Step 2: track your menstruation. You have many apps available, and soon you can do it in B-wom too!



The constipation is not a super cool theme to appear in the lists of purposes like meditation or yoga. However, it is a very common problem in women that affects their quality of life and that can be corrected with habits and exercises. 80% of our user base (women between 25-55 years) suffers from chronic constipation. This does not only affect the digestive health, but also the emotional and even the intimate health (did you know that chronic constipation weakens the pelvic floor ?).

Improving this root problem is easy if you become aware and practice certain habits such as improving the postures in the toilet. In B-wom we can help you say goodbye to constipation and say hello to a new normality. Being happy also goes through your gut!



Managing stress is the great challenge of most people today. Meditating is a practice with which you can reduce stress, improve concentration. There are many apps that can help you, like Headspace, Calm (in English) or Idstress in Spanish . If you want to try other things, very soon in B-wom you will find habits and exercises for managing emotions , such as Mindfulness or NLPexercises . The goal is to improve your well-being with just a few minutes a day!



Every time we see and hear more cases of breast cancer around us, but it is not about living with fear. Instead, use this emotion to trigger a habit of prevention: do a breast self-exam monthly. In B-wom we will let you know when you have to do it and we will teach you the steps for free. Remember that the percentage of survival of breast cancer is about 80% in early detection. It is worth proposing a new habit!

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